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Swiss Eye SWAT Mask Pro

I know seems a little out of the ordinary, but Swiss Eye makes a pretty interesting mask with integrated eyepro. Consisting of a fleece lined neoprene mask, the mask sports polycarbonate lenses that offer UAV-A, -B and -C protection as well as meet ANSI Z87.1 2003. The lens is replaceable and the mask can be configured with a clear lens.



12 Responses to “Swiss Eye SWAT Mask Pro”

  1. Matt says:

    Is it Fire Resistant? Is it for cold weather? Neoprene doesn’t breathe much, I could imagine that thing gets pretty uncomfortable after a while. Not only that, but it gives me a leather face vibe, not digging it.

  2. Firewalker says:

    Yeah, the neoprene thing is just not doing it for me… If it was a different material, that’d be great.

  3. Pliner says:

    This looks like it would be pretty good for those cold HALO/HAHO days. I’m just not sure that the lens wouldn’t fog up while you’re wearing it. I’m guessing you could probably take the scissors to to it and make it work with an O2 mask as well.

  4. Dan says:

    Looks more like an air-soft product.

  5. TM says:

    I would definitely wear one of those for running in Alaska in the winter if I knew the goggles wouldn’t fog up. Not gonna drop $60 on something that may or may not work well though.

  6. Mike says:

    If the goggles don’t fog? There are a million aftermarket products to put on lenses to keep them from fogging! I’d likely cut the mouth out a little more and use it with a veil anyway, but I think it’s a pretty rad concept.

  7. Rogue7a says:

    Tacticool winter riding gear… just needs a skull pattern and angry holograph eyes!
    I’d look badass rolling up 95 in that lol

  8. Rogue7a says:

    @Mike, they probably won’t fog because the nose is cut out. When I jump in the winter I wear an under armour cold gear balaclava and my exoshields and I have to keep the nose pulled down until I’m on the ramp because the air from my nose fogs them… even with the antifog

  9. TM says:

    @Mike- When it’s 30 below zero, goggles fog. Period.

  10. Riceball says:

    I agree with Dan, it looks sort like some of new airsoft mask more than anything else.

  11. Mach1na says:

    this thing actually was developed for mountain biking under cold (alpine) conditions and when swiss eye started to switch to the tactical market they equipped all their old products with stanag proof lenses, also than one.

  12. Mysah says:

    I do play airsoft,and it is just looks pretty cool,I just ordered it,and hope too it’s not fog up during the CQB fight,as we swet a lot cos a lot of running.