BOLO Report – CMI Announcess LE Designated Marksman Program

Center Mass Inc. (Patrol Rifle Competition, remember?) has announced they are developing and will be teaching a Law Enforcement Designated Marksman Certification Program. They describe it as a “natural progression for law enforcement patrol operations. The NPRC has taught us a very clear lesson over the years…And that lesson is, if you want to win, you need magnified optics. The writing is on the wall in our opinion, that many law enforcement professionals will soon be turning to magnified optics. To this end CMI has combined elements of our acclaimed law enforcement patrol rifle and sniper training programs to develop the Law Enforcement Designated Marksman Certification Program.”

CMI has led the way in patrol rifle training for a decade and a half, and authored the NTOA’s Patrol Rifle Training Manual. Their sniper training programs are endorsed by the American Sniper Association.

This class is a 2 day, 16 hour course designed to “enhance a patrol rifle operator’s ability to place accurate fire upon targets that are partially exposed or hostage takers encountered during patrol operations using magnified optics. This level of training is the next progression for law enforcement patrol rifle preparation…”

For more information, visit Center Mass Inc.

This article originally appeared on the BOLO Report.

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