SORD Watchstrap

Available in Black, SORD Base Color, DPCU, MultiCam and A-TACS UA, the new SORD Watchstrap is made from US Mil-Spec materials. Due to the plastic hardware, it is also non-magnetic. Designed to fit large dive watches.



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7 Responses to “SORD Watchstrap”

  1. Mike D says:

    Looks like a nice band. The only draw back to those cloth bands is how stinky they can get if you don’t wash them regularly. Yuck!

  2. FLC says:

    looks like there is a ton of webbing under the watch itself.
    adds alot of bulk…watch is a snag hazzard for packs, weapons, etc.

  3. Winston says:

    It is a poor design. There is no room for any adjustment as it was made to suit the designer, so if your wrists don’t match his, good luck trying to get it to fit.

  4. WCC says:

    Plus they are kinda vague as to what watch size it fits. 20mm? 22mm?

  5. Lightfighter says:

    Can someone please tell me the value of a non magnetic watchband when it’s used on a big honking steel dive watch like the TSAR etc ???

  6. SleepyDave says:

    I’ve got a cloth watch band. It smells like a sweaty fat man died in a latrine. Rubber straps for the win.

  7. Jim D. says:

    Just wear your nylon watch band in the shower… totally resolves the stink issue. There are way too many buckles and webbing overlap on this band, and it looks like they threaded the buckle improperly for this press release photo. I’ll keep rocking my Zulu, thanks.