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Kifaru Releases MultiCam/Coyote Woobies

Kifaru Tactical has just updated their excellent Woobie and Doobie. They are now offering both in a reversible, two-tone MultiCam/Coyote color combination. The Woobie was originally envisioned as a modern replacement for the USGI poncho liner. It combines RhinoSkin Shell with ClimaShield combat insulation. The Woobie uses 2 oz/square yard of insulation and the Doobie (Double Woobie) uses 4 oz/square yard of insulation.

Kifaru invested in the RhinoSkin Shell material so other products will also be offered in the new colors. For example, Slick Bags will also be available in either MultiCam or Coyote with OD interiors.

I got a Woobie several years ago when they were first released and it has weathered very well. Much better than the issue item. Granted, it costs more, but I have to remind of my old adage; “Buy Quality, Cry Once.” The issue poncho liner will never insulate like this thing.



6 Responses to “Kifaru Releases MultiCam/Coyote Woobies”

  1. chris says:

    thought about one often, but I think too warm for my part of the world.

  2. broken says:

    expensive, but you’ll have it for years

  3. JP says:

    I bought a woobie in 2007 to try it out in Iraq, and it was the single best tactical-related item I’ve purchased. Kept me warm during the hellish winter in western Iraq in 2008, and I have continued to use it every day at home as my main blanket. My dog also prefers it when I’m not there, but granted that may be more of a scent thing as the only time it gets washed is when my wife does it.

    And if it’s too warm, I sleep on top of it in shorts, and it feels awesome. The nylon is so damn soft after all these years, and the fill does NOT bunch like I thought it might. This thing is an investment, and I love them so much I thought everyone should know.

    (Also, I’m not a company stooge. Just Joe the Security Contractor. If there’s ever a review on the EMR/MMR packs, I have plenty to say about those as well)

  4. BD says:

    Also got one in 2007 and have nothing but good things to say about it on this end too. liked it so much I bought one of their slick version sleeping bags this summer and it’s as awsome as the woobie.

  5. Brian says:

    I should have known. The best way to know that Kifaru is going to release someting new is that I place an order with them. Oh well, they make great products and I have a woobie from them for the last three deployments. They work great and are worth the money.

  6. Daniel says:

    I’m wondering how this would compare with the immaculous Jerven fjellduken (field blanket)
    which comes in an interesting camo pattern as well.