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Hyperstealth Signs European Exclusives with Elba-Onyx Enterprises

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp announced today a series of exclusive camouflage pattern licenses for their SOPAT (Special Operations Pattern), SpecAm and CAMOPAT patterns and also the Passive Negative Ion Generator to Elba-Onyx Enterprises in European markets.

Hyperstealth President Guy Cramer said in a press release, “These licenses will allow our product a foothold in Europe and NATO with a proven company that knows how the system works over there. HyperStealth has worked with over 40 countries but those countries in Europe have been very difficult for us to penetrate to this stage. This deal will also help employ many Europeans as the products will all be assembled in Europe. Europe is also very open to the Passive Negative Ion Generator where negative ion devices are widely used and the benefits are understood by the general public, whereas the North American understanding is limited or almost non-existent.

Negotiations have been under way since August of this year and Elba-Onyx has already arranged for a NATO certified European company to assemble these uniforms with the capacity to produce 1,500 uniforms per day.

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2 Responses to “Hyperstealth Signs European Exclusives with Elba-Onyx Enterprises”

  1. m5 says:

    “Europe is also very open to the Passive Negative Ion Generator where negative ion devices are widely used and the benefits are understood by the general public, whereas the North American understanding is limited or almost non-existent”

    Huh? Simply and completely untrue. Thankfully, the general public over here in EU definitively does not use this negative ion nonsense widely, nor is it widely aware of it. Not in any of the larger western countries anyway, perhaps this quackery sells in the TV shops in some of the more obscure lesser known countries?

    Sure, there are a lot of nonsense health products which do not have any proper science to back them up, or at least are not recognized the scientific community. If you insist, over here, in my country, ferrite magnets hidden into insoles, armbands and ear piercing jewellery used to be a fad for parting the easily fooled from their money, but that was some ten(?) years ago.

    It is difficult to take Hyper Stealth’s camouflage know-how seriously, when they’re also involved in such nonsense.

    Btw, any news on the real estate Hyper Stealth has acquired on the Moon?

  2. Guy Cramer says:

    NASA JPL considers me the world expert on Air Ions; they required my research in 2002 on a special program, stating after the program was completed that they estimated I saved them between 10-15 years of R&D. In 2003 I provided information to the head of the Colombia Accident Investigation which still remains unreleased to the public for reasons of security. In 2005 I worked with the Deputy Administrator of NASA who asked me to provide information regarding the atmospheric ion interaction with spacecraft for takeoff and landings, this information changed the way they were doing things. I have also worked with Senator John Warner’s office while he was Chairman of the Armed Services Committee regarding the HAARP Program in Alaska.

    There have been well over 5000 negative air ion studies done around the world.

    The U.S. Navy uses Negative Ion Generators on the Bridges of their Ships to keep their crews alert and awake as negative ions keep brainwaves at a calm yet alert state. The U.S. Navy have also used them on all the submarines since the USS Nautilus.

    Look into HAARP program which works with the ionosphere, Technical expertise and procurement services as required for the management, administration and evaluation of the program are being provided cooperatively by the Air Force (Air Force Research Laboratory), the Navy (Office of Naval Research and Naval Research Laboratory), and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

    U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
    The U.S.D.A. discovered the following in recent studies conducted in a poultry house, which are notoriously polluted:
    • Reduced salmonella (bacteria) transmission between chicks by 98%.
    • Reduced airborne salmonella (bacteria) by 95%.
    • Reduced airborne dust & particles by 99% in 60 seconds.

    Journal of Hygiene
    This scientific publication reports that negative ions cause dust particles to agglomerate and settle out of air. For this same reason, ionization can improve the efficiency of filters.

    Good Housekeeping Magazine
    In March of 1999, Good Housekeeping Magazine had its engineers test an ionizer by using a smoke test, and found that it cleared out the smoke in a tank.

    Journal of Hygiene
    Scientists showed that ionization reduced bacterial levels in burns and plastic surgery units by over 96% after a two week period, which results in much better and more rapid healing of patients.

    Columbia University
    Researchers found people with winter and chronic depression show that negative ion generators relieve depression as much as antidepressants. It was also determined that there are relatively no side effects.

    European Respiratory Journal
    A statistically significant decrease of carbon monoxide values was found with an ionizer activated. This was discovered by researchers at Brompton Hospital in London, and published in European Respiratory Journal.

    Journal of Applied Microbiology
    The use of negative ions was even found by scientists to reduce the presence of airborne viruses by about 40%. A study featured in the 1987 issue also showed the negative ions are free from any adverse side effects.

    St. James University Hospital
    Researchers have found that hospital-acquired infections among patients in the Intensive Care Unit were dramatically reduced when ionizers were introduced – and have remained so since. The ionizers were found to successfully remove bacteria from air, reducing the transmission of infection.

    A 1976 study featured in this publication provided evidence that negative ions can have a biologically lethal effect on airborne microorganisms.

    Journal of Hygiene
    A 1979 study found that using negative ionization in the air protected chickens from airborne infection of the deadly Newcastle Disease Virus.

    Journal of Food Protection
    A 2001 study found that airborne negative ionization was highly effective at destroying airborne and surface salmonella.

    University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Romania)
    A test on male rats showed that just moderate levels of negative ions increased the resistance of the rats, reducing or eliminating the effect of some chemicals.

    Effect of Negative Ions on Drivers
    A study by Toyota Central R & D Labs, Inc. found that negative ions can improve fatigue and cognition of drivers.

    Studies in Geneva showed an increase in traffic accidents, over 50% higher during times of high positive ion ratios.

    U.S. Air Force Study: Subjective Response to Negative Air Ion Exposure.
    Summary of Results
    “Subjective perceptions of psychological state, using individual ‘normalcy’ as standard, reflected significant differences between control and negative ion exposure groups. Prominent perceptions reported were reductions in irritability, depression, and tenseness, and increases in calmness and stimulation associated with ion exposure. For psychological state, negative ion exposure appeared associated with feeling better about self, less sensitive, and more responsive or innervated [energized].”

    Negative ions decrease pilot fatigue and increase reaction times of pilots
    U.S. Air force study

    A South Africa bank with 91 operators processing over $200,000,000 per day in checks and vouchers went from an error rate of 2.5% before negative ion generators were installed, to an error rate of 0.5% while working in negative ion enriched air.

    In a Swiss Bank two groups of more than 300 people in each group, was tested with and without Negative Ion Generators. After several months the ratio of days lost due to respiratory illness-colds, flu, laryngitis… by both groups was measured. For every one day lost among the group of people working in negative ion enriched air, there were sixteen lost among the people working in normal air.

    Two Oxford University statisticians conducted a study among 100 victims of asthma, bronchitis, and hay fever chosen at random, from a list of people who had purchased negative ion generators in the hope that it would help their problems. In the end their report was based on interviews with only 74 of the 100. They found that 18 of 24 asthmatics; 13 of 17 bronchitis sufferers; 11 of 12 hay fever victims; and 6 of 10 people afflicted with nasal catarrh reported that negative ion generators had noticeably improved their condition. A few claimed the generator had cured them.

    A leading Israel ion scientist found that over a 5 year period treating more than 500 people, negative ionization cured over 45% of the cases

    In natural air the decay rate of bacteria is 23%, in air treated with negative ions this rate goes up to 78%. Russian studies show 10,000 ions per cubic centimeter completely exterminate the most common disease-carrying bacteria. This might explain why hospitals in Russia require negative ion generators.

    FAA Negative Ion Study
    A study conducted by Bruce L. Rosenberg of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed that flight control operators overwhelmingly experienced the same symptoms currently being reported by VDT (Video Display Terminals) operators. Air traffic control operators, like VDT operators, are exposed to cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in the radar control centers around the country. Mr. Rosenberg endeavored to discover if the incident of stress, fatigue, and skin irritation, etc. could, indeed, be attributed to the excessive, self-induced ion imbalance produced by the equipment and other factors in flight control centers. His findings did, in fact, confirm previous isolated studies and resulted in his recommendation to regulate ion levels, particularly negative ions, in all flight control centers. He further recommended negative ion levels in atmospheres should not be allowed to drop below 500 ions per cubic centimeter of air and that this threshold standard should also be applied to commercial aircraft compartments.

    Journal of Environmental Psychology
    106 employees kept daily assessment records of their office environment and health over a 12-week period. Temperatures of about 23 degrees Celsius were associated with increased sensations of stuffiness, discomfort, and unpleasantness, and appeared to produce an increase in the number of complaints of headaches. The office environment was found to be depleted of small negative air ions.

    The introduction of a negative ion generator increased the subjective rating of alertness, atmospheric freshness, and environmental and personal warmth. Ions reduced the complaint rate for headache by 50% and significantly reduced the number of complaints of nausea and dizziness.

    Russian Ion-Athletics Study
    Fact: In static endurance the gymnast control group had a decreased endurance after 25 days while the negative ion group showed a 46% improvement. The track and field control group’s static endurance improved 40% after 25 days while the negative ion track and field group improved by 192%.
    Fact: In dynamic endurance the gymnasts had no control group but the negative ion gymnast showed an improvement of 87% over 25 days. In track and field the control group had a 24% improvement after 25 days while the negative ion group had a 240% improvement.
    Fact: In reaction time the gymnast control group managed to shorten their response time by 11 milliseconds, while the gymnast negative ion group shortened theirs by 22 milliseconds. The track and field control reaction time shortened by 4.5% at the end of 25 days, while the track and field negative ion groups shortened by 16%.
    Fact: The equilibrium results were 80-82% improvement after 25 days for the track and field control group, while the negative ion group improved by 145-333%.
    Fact: One of the pertinent observations made after these studies was that the negative ion groups cheerfulness and vitality were increased notably, along with improvements in sleep and appetite. Studies showed that the negative ion groups also utilized vitamins B and C more effectively.
    Fact: Studies done with male swimmers and boxers also showed no increase in muscle strength but negative ions dramatically improved endurance and quickness.

    I can provide many more study findings if this is not enough for you.