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SOD Gear Spectre Cap

Italian SOD Gear has introduced their Spectre Cap in Hyde Definition’s BadLands variant of their PenCott family of patterns. It is a patrol cap style with a couple of changes. For instance, the rear is adjustable for sizing and Velcro panels have been affixed to the cap for ID patches. Additionally, the interior of the cap features a sweat band for comfort.

The cap is offered in two sizes and a variety of colors and patterns from

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3 Responses to “SOD Gear Spectre Cap”

  1. NyMike says:

    What’s with all the BS Velcro on everything? These are civilian use products. There is no need to ruin a nice cap with tape everywhere. You want to velcro a Milspec monkey patch, sew on the velcro. or offer the hat with velcro over the bill only. I see no reason to have this stupid velcro on every side. Ruins the look, and messes up a good hat.

  2. I see what you mean but... says:

    I’d say that the same guy that is going to buy that camo pattern is probably the same guy that will want velcro.

    But whats the difference to you? It sounds like you’d never buy one anyway. So why talk shit about it?

    Personally, I wouldn’t buy it, but if you hadn’t said something I could have kept that to myself.

  3. Strike-Hold! says:

    Apparently, the special operations unit that asked for those hats also asked to have the Velcro included….