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FirstSpear Combat Anorak

Developed by NFM as part of their GARM combat clothing line, the Combat Anorak has been brought to the US by FirstSpear. With a classic Anorak cut it is a lightweight garment that is intended to serve as a shell over all of your equipment. Consequently, it is very generously cut and extends down low on the torso with a lower cut on the rear. Please notice that there are no pockets on the Combat Anorak and it is simply an overgarment. It is manufactured from a lightweight, coated ripstop fabric making it wind and rain resistant.

Venting is facilitated via a quarter length zipper from chin to chest as well as a mesh insert integrated into the back flap.

Internal gear is easily accessed by a tug on a pull tab. The half moon opening features two zippers as well as a snap backup to keep the opening securely closed. You grab the tab and pull down. With practice this can be done one-handed.

Additionally, there is an access flap on the back of the Combat Anorak for packs or back panels.

The hood is large enough to fit over a helmet and features four points of adjustment which are simple to use.

Two of the hood adjustments are on the rear. That small flap covers a barrel lock that pulls the lower portion of the back toward the rear.

The shoulders are capped with lightweight Cordura and the cuffs are secured via Velcro adjustment to accommodate a wide range of layered garments. Additionally, there are small 1″ Velcro squares on both sleeves and the rear of the hood for IR or other ID squares.

The Combat Anorak stores inside an integral stuff sack and can easily be carried in a pack or cargo pocket.

Available now in Coyote size Small – 2XLarge. It is very generously cut and will easily fit over your equipment. It kind of reminds of the oversizing found on the old USGI rain suit. Depending on your climate and intended use, you may want to go down one size.

This is a great combat piece and definitely gets my recommendation. At some point I hope that they make a beefier version, from a performance fabric and integrate a lined handwarmer kangaroo pocket in the chest.

This garment is not currently made in the USA but is made in a friendly country in the Americas.

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13 Responses to “FirstSpear Combat Anorak”

  1. Tounushi says:

    All they need to do is apply a camo pattern to this, and it will be an excellent camoed overgarment.

    One potential use I can think of for this is specialized camouflage. The underlying uniform could be of a universal pattern, and this would be a more specific environment type.

    E.g. a desert or woodland pattern over multicam in Afghanistan, depending on the area of operation.

    If the garment fits in a small bag like that, a soldier could carry two of them for area transitions.

  2. Mark says:

    Manufactured by NFM in Poland. 🙂

    Is it also fire-retardant, like the rest of GARM line?

  3. Lasse says:

    I think this is a smart design, it allows you to wear a combat shirt or similar tops that are plate carrier friendly, but still get a wind and water resistant shell. Nothing sucks more than to have the buttons and zipper on your jacket dig into your chest.

  4. mcs says:

    I agree with Tounushi: this is a near perfect garment for putting a solid camouflage pattern over your head and torso. Covers it all, all your gear’s easily accessible, and the piece itself is easily removable and replaceable to switch patterns on the fly.

    That belly zip flap is pretty nifty, I think I saw one similar on on some Israeli camouflage over-suits a while back.

  5. James McMillan says:

    Looks like it’d be great as a set of overwhites for snow if pants were created as well

  6. MarkM says:

    Addresses a critical failing that’s cropping up with plate carriers and cold wet environments – a complete lack of compatibility with the ECWCS ensemble. Neither works well with the other. Carrying all the armor over a smock reduces the efficency of insulation, and wearing it under reduces the accessibility. Either way, the soldier is still getting soaking wet in cold weather. It’s not going to take a desert model of gear use to solve. We’ve conveniently ignored Artic experience for 20 years now, but the tip of the iceberg is finally having to be addressed in Afghanistan.

    Add another 5-8 pounds of bulky insulated clothing to what’s already on the soldier, and it will trip the overload indicator. Either the overall load is reduced, or the op tempo is. No choice.

    America is never really “prepared” for the next conflict, it’s usually quite different looking at the 50 year cycle. Expect cold temperate zone in a green region, and desert camo not matching arboreal forests. That’s the long term benefit of a universal pattern issued thru the backbone of the milltary, the Guard and Reserve.

  7. Johnny B says:



  8. straps says:

    FR and camo for the win.

  9. Administrator says:

    Straps, agreed! This would make a great FR softshell design.

  10. .308 says:

    it is NOT FR.. it essentially ignites and burns quick..

  11. Carlos says:

    As usual rain clothing in desert colours…. :-/

  12. Mateusz says:

    Guys, camouflage version is coming, no worries. And it’s gonna be FR.

  13. Jey says:

    Isn’t it reused idea of “maskchalat”, that russian use since 30-ties? light, single, or two piece loose garment with camouflage pattern on it, that would be weared over uniform and equipment, to break human siluette?, Just with zips suited for plate carriers and other modern gear?