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Milipol 17 – NFM Group Introduces Hellhound Grey

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Hellhound Grey has joined Coyote Brown, Raptor Green, Raven Black and MultiCam as color choices for NFM products.


It’s great to see the clothing side catch up with the armor which was first to adopt Hellhound Grey. Here, you can see a THOR carrier along with GARM combat clothing, all in the same color. The gloves are Mechanix Wear in Wolf Grey which also gives you an idea of how Hellhound Grey will blend with Urban Wolf Grey. These Grey hues have become very popular in Europe, particularly with LE CT organizations.

The NFM Group Releases GARM Combat Shirt 2.0

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

In Norse mythology, GARM is the goddess HEL’s hellhound, the trustworthy watchdog of HELHEIM’s gate (Norse Mythology’s name for Hell). GARM has enormous strength and will go to extremes to protect his master’s interests.

Ski, Norway, October 2017 – The next generation of GARM Combat Clothing based on the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship, has arrived!

GARM is NFM Group’s combat clothing brand, which incorporates a complete line of combat garments, from underwear to outer wear. It is designed for professional users who need to have complete confidence in the functionality and quality of the equipment they use.

NFM Group announces the launch of the GARM Combat Shirt 2.0.

A lightweight shirt, ergonomically cut, and perfectly suited to preserve mobility and body heat management while wearing load-bearing or body armor carriers during combat missions.

The GARM Combat Shirt 2.0 consists of a no-melt/no-drip fabric, a high knit based collar for better comfort, flat stitches to avoid rubbing and irritation, a resistant and breathable knit fabric and the articulated cut of the sleeves to facilitate free movement. All fabrics meets the specifications for NATO Near Infrared (NIR) values.

The GARM Combat apparel range incorporates a uniform design of features throughout the various garments, maintaining the same features no matter the layer the soldier is wearing.

Lasse Johansen, Norwegian GARM Program Manager, explains: “After the success with the GARM Combat Uniform 2.0, we are excited to release the Combat Shirt 2.0 that will close the gap where mobility and heat management is a key factor for the professional user.”

The GARM Combat Shirt 2.0, has been released first on the NFM Group’s European e-commerce site, NorseGear in Norwegian Woodland pattern.

The new combat shirt will be available in several standard colors; raptor green, hellhound grey and raven black. For volume program deliveries, NFM Group can supply in colors and patterns of choice, as well as in a variety of fabrics.

NFM Group – EC Paint Application Tutorial Video

Monday, July 21st, 2014

NFM Group has released a new video detailing how to properly pre-treat for and apply their EC Paint to a weapon. While the video was developed with EC Paint in mind, you could easily apply these practices to virtually any weapon or gear paint.

Video concept by:

Arc’teryx LEAF Partners With NFM On Khard Pack Inner Systems

Saturday, March 8th, 2014


(VANCOUVER BC) ARC’TERYX LEAF and NFM bring new capabilities to Khard Pack systems for European Military & Law Enforcement end users through a partnership with Scandinavian based NFM. Sharing Arc’teryx design values and experience, NFM is renowned for functional, minimalist products with sharply focused applications. To support the design intention of the Khard as a streamlined communications specialist, medic or breacher’s bag, NFM has developed a modular inner system with infinite configuration capabilities.

Developed to work smoothly under challenging conditions, the NFM system has lightweight, durable components with proven operational relevance. LEAF users can now configure their Khard pack to their exact specifications with full trust in the integrity of the inner system.

Arc’teryx LEAF and NFM, a partnership of innovation and support.


Thursday, September 12th, 2013

These vests were built by NFM as a sub to Sagem as part of the SmartVest program currently being undertaken by the BeNeLux. Sagem is also working on the next generation of the French soldier system, FELIN.


Underneath these outer vests named LCVA and LCVB, the Soldier wears a fragmentation or soft armor vest. Along with the integrated vest seen to the right, these four vests make up the system which is joined by three packs including a 100 liter 48 hour pack. The packs share an integrated waist belt that can be used with the vests as well as used alone as a cartridge belt.


You will note the 6/12 technology as well as the Tubes which is used as a front closure on this vest rather than a zipper. Awhile back, we told you that FirstSpear had entered into a cooperative agreement with NFM to utilize their technology. This makes them the exclusive
Licensee of these technologies.


Interestingly, these vests feature 6/12 technology on the front and PALS at the rear. This is so a user won’t place any comma devices at the rear and route the cables internally and possibly foul a quick release.


Here you can see the internal cable management afforded by the 6/12.


Above, is a shot of how the plates are carried. Under this concept, the Soldier dons he plates only when needed and can wear a much lower profile frag vest for other tasks.

NFM Updates Website

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

NFM is headquartered in Norway but like their Viking forebears they have branched out all over Europe. Over the years their product offerings have expanded and now they have updated their website.

We are big fans of their GARM Combat Clothing System and intrigued by the EC paint.

FirstSpear Combat Anorak

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Developed by NFM as part of their GARM combat clothing line, the Combat Anorak has been brought to the US by FirstSpear. With a classic Anorak cut it is a lightweight garment that is intended to serve as a shell over all of your equipment. Consequently, it is very generously cut and extends down low on the torso with a lower cut on the rear. Please notice that there are no pockets on the Combat Anorak and it is simply an overgarment. It is manufactured from a lightweight, coated ripstop fabric making it wind and rain resistant.

Venting is facilitated via a quarter length zipper from chin to chest as well as a mesh insert integrated into the back flap.

Internal gear is easily accessed by a tug on a pull tab. The half moon opening features two zippers as well as a snap backup to keep the opening securely closed. You grab the tab and pull down. With practice this can be done one-handed.

Additionally, there is an access flap on the back of the Combat Anorak for packs or back panels.

The hood is large enough to fit over a helmet and features four points of adjustment which are simple to use.

Two of the hood adjustments are on the rear. That small flap covers a barrel lock that pulls the lower portion of the back toward the rear.

The shoulders are capped with lightweight Cordura and the cuffs are secured via Velcro adjustment to accommodate a wide range of layered garments. Additionally, there are small 1″ Velcro squares on both sleeves and the rear of the hood for IR or other ID squares.

The Combat Anorak stores inside an integral stuff sack and can easily be carried in a pack or cargo pocket.

Available now in Coyote size Small – 2XLarge. It is very generously cut and will easily fit over your equipment. It kind of reminds of the oversizing found on the old USGI rain suit. Depending on your climate and intended use, you may want to go down one size.

This is a great combat piece and definitely gets my recommendation. At some point I hope that they make a beefier version, from a performance fabric and integrate a lined handwarmer kangaroo pocket in the chest.

This garment is not currently made in the USA but is made in a friendly country in the Americas.

Ops-Core Wins Norwegian Helmet Contract

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Boston-based Ops-Core, Inc was awarded a contract last week to supply the Norwegian Army with their Future Assault Shell Technology (FAST) helmet. The FAST helmet will replace the current PASGT style aramid helmet manufactured by Cato Ringstad AS.

While specific numbers have not yet been released, the Norwegian Army will purchase enough helmets to not only outfit their active forces, but some of the National Guard as well. The current strength of the Norwegian Army sits at around 22,000. However, a post on a Norwegian military forum in July by someone close to the program forecasted the delivery of 1000 helmets for operational use before the end of the year.

In order to supply these helmets, Ops-Core won a year-long competitive program named “Project 4004” with several down select mile-stones which included troop trials, ballistic and other safety testing. Norwegian Special Forces have already been using the Ops-Core helmet for over a year in training as well as operational roles so Ops-Core’s selection, while arduous, was not surprising.

In a press release from Ops-Core, member of Norwegian Defense Logistic Organization (NDLO) program manager Per Morten Brunborg is quoted as saying, “The FAST helmet gave our program flexibility to adapt to a variety of service positions and mission profiles that were difficult to accomplish with only one helmet in the past.” He went on to add, “This helmet saves the overall program money by allowing us to field it service wide in several configurations, instead of having to field several different kinds of helmets like we used to. It’s also very beneficial that we can provide our soldiers better ballistic performance at a much lighter weight than our previous helmet. The Ops-Core FAST High Cut version provides the Norwegian Army the right balance between comfort and integration of attachments, which stress the soldiers neck less than the previous solutions and enhances the durability of the soldier.” As you can see, not only did the Norwegian Army find the FAST helmet’s modularity made possible by the Visual Augmentation System (VAS) shroud and Accessory Rail Connector (ARC) rails particularly desirable, but also its lightweight protection as well.

The FAST helmet boasts a ballistic shell developed during a multi-year collaboration effort between Ops-Core, Ceradyne and DSM Dyneema. Ceradyne, the sub-contractor who molds the shell, has a special seamless processing technique using Dyneema’s ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material that yields outstanding ballistic protection at lower weights. Much of the systems technology used in this helmet has also been in the works over the last ten years with significant inputs from the US Army’s PEO Soldier, the Army Research Lab, and Natick Soldier Systems Center. The FAST helmet actually has more in common with the new Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) for the US Army and Marine Corps than the baseline MICH.

Deliveries of the FAST helmet to Norway are scheduled to commence in 4th Quarter of 2011 and continue through 3rd Quarter of 2012. In what is most likely a Norwegian version of an IDIQ contract, it is valid for 10 years and is good for future Norwegian procurement and purchasing activities. On a final note, Ops-Core is well represented throughout Europe by Norwegian company NFM but the helmets will reportedly be manufactured in the US.

For more information, please visit the Ops-Core website at