Milipol 17 – NFM Group Introduces Hellhound Grey

Hellhound Grey has joined Coyote Brown, Raptor Green, Raven Black and MultiCam as color choices for NFM products.


It’s great to see the clothing side catch up with the armor which was first to adopt Hellhound Grey. Here, you can see a THOR carrier along with GARM combat clothing, all in the same color. The gloves are Mechanix Wear in Wolf Grey which also gives you an idea of how Hellhound Grey will blend with Urban Wolf Grey. These Grey hues have become very popular in Europe, particularly with LE CT organizations.


11 Responses to “Milipol 17 – NFM Group Introduces Hellhound Grey”

  1. Ed says:


    Is there a Co or Manufacturer that produces/sells helmet Velcro in this or any “gray” color similar to an Ops-Core pattern? Just looking for side rectangle and one longer for rear of helmet that is gray as well.
    Thank you.

    E. Brown

  2. Bulldog76 says:

    So it’s wolfish grey ?

  3. Chuck says:

    Teenwolf Grey

  4. straps says:

    Paint your blaster, they said…

    It’ll blend in better, they said…

  5. Brohammer says:

    The mechanix gloves are wolf grey in name only, and are significantly lighter and less blue than actual wolf grey. At a glance, the NFM set looks virtually identical to actual wolf grey.

  6. Patrick Trudeau says:

    Anyone know what kind of mag pouch those are?

  7. Jason el Cuerdo says:

    What I want is (to know who makes) the gray that the Belgium DSU wear. That’s the best shade I’ve seen.

  8. Corbs says:

    Um, aren’t ravens usually black?

  9. pablo says:

    that rifle camo job doesn’t match but it would be perfect for here in arizona