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The NFM Group Releases GARM Combat Shirt 2.0

In Norse mythology, GARM is the goddess HEL’s hellhound, the trustworthy watchdog of HELHEIM’s gate (Norse Mythology’s name for Hell). GARM has enormous strength and will go to extremes to protect his master’s interests.

Ski, Norway, October 2017 – The next generation of GARM Combat Clothing based on the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship, has arrived!

GARM is NFM Group’s combat clothing brand, which incorporates a complete line of combat garments, from underwear to outer wear. It is designed for professional users who need to have complete confidence in the functionality and quality of the equipment they use.

NFM Group announces the launch of the GARM Combat Shirt 2.0.

A lightweight shirt, ergonomically cut, and perfectly suited to preserve mobility and body heat management while wearing load-bearing or body armor carriers during combat missions.

The GARM Combat Shirt 2.0 consists of a no-melt/no-drip fabric, a high knit based collar for better comfort, flat stitches to avoid rubbing and irritation, a resistant and breathable knit fabric and the articulated cut of the sleeves to facilitate free movement. All fabrics meets the specifications for NATO Near Infrared (NIR) values.

The GARM Combat apparel range incorporates a uniform design of features throughout the various garments, maintaining the same features no matter the layer the soldier is wearing.

Lasse Johansen, Norwegian GARM Program Manager, explains: “After the success with the GARM Combat Uniform 2.0, we are excited to release the Combat Shirt 2.0 that will close the gap where mobility and heat management is a key factor for the professional user.”

The GARM Combat Shirt 2.0, has been released first on the NFM Group’s European e-commerce site, NorseGear in Norwegian Woodland pattern.

The new combat shirt will be available in several standard colors; raptor green, hellhound grey and raven black. For volume program deliveries, NFM Group can supply in colors and patterns of choice, as well as in a variety of fabrics.


6 Responses to “The NFM Group Releases GARM Combat Shirt 2.0”

  1. Vemund says:

    Very interesting!
    I have had the combat uniform for some time now and are super happy with the design and features. If this meets the same standards for fit and functionality, it will be a very welcome piece to the collection.
    I like the part where they have stretched the Nyco over the chest. The old version had seams going from the throat to the armpit, where the seams tended to irritate the skin over the collar bone when wearing armor carrier.
    Good to see that they listen to the end users when we give feedback.
    Looking forward to supplying this to the collection.
    Norse heritage!

    Have someone heard any news about the anticipated All Weather/ shell uniform?

  2. Lasse says:

    When is the release date and what’s the MSRP? With the current other proper options they actually have some serious competition for once.

    Couple of pet peeves regarding the photos:
    – Get a normal sized 40x25mm flag because that’s what it’s supposed to be.
    – Don’t wear the red cross on your IFAK. You are claiming protection according to the Geneva Convention by doing so.

  3. Orion Quach says:

    How would someone in the USA get their neck gaiter?

  4. wazza says:

    Like their Smock . Is it available any where on line ?