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Magpul Introduces MOE Scout Light Mount

The MOE Scout Mount is designed to connect directly to the MOE Hand Guard it is basically a raised and cantilevered section of 1913 rail. It is optimized for Surefire® Scout® Lights, but works with most 1913 Picatinny mounted lights. Available in left (11 o’clock) and right (1 o’clock) models, currently only in Black.

Shipping now to Magpul dealers and distributors as well as directly from the store.


4 Responses to “Magpul Introduces MOE Scout Light Mount”

  1. Eric says:

    Looks very similar to the IWC Scout light mounts. Wondering if there is any copyright issues?

  2. I see what you mean but... says:

    Well if the IWC model is that similar to the Magpul mount then IWC would have had to have violated Magpul’s MOE patent.

  3. Thie MOE Scout mount is unique in offering a standard direct mount for Surefire Scout lights, Mini Scout Lights and common rail mounted pistol type lights like the Insight M3.

    The integrated rail also allows most other lights to be mounted with a standard rail base.

  4. EricX says:

    Richard, you have once again proven yourselves as the breakthrough innovators in this industry!
    As someone who prefers the simplicity of a QD light for tactical (on the weapon use) and utility (hand held) you have now bridged the gap and let me assure you, the 3 tools in my arsenal with MOE handguards will surely be seeing this innovative and pragmatic accessory!
    Great job!!!
    Keep up the good work, Hooah!… er… uh… Ooorah! 😉