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X-Belt/M-Harness System from CTOMS

Canada’s CTOMS is well known for their medical gear but not a lot of people know that they also build some awesome load carrying systems. There are harnesses out there as well as padded MOLLE gun belts, and some of those are even armored, but none offer the versatility of the X-Belt/M-Harness System. Quite frankly, it does some things that others don’t.

Now in it’s 2nd Generation, the X-Belt Quick Release and Padding System has been updated to accept armor inserts, has 4 rows of PALS on the back panel to facilitate a larger armor panel, accepts 2” internal belts, and an adjustable size padding system for a lower profile. Additionally, the X-belt itself now features soft anchor loops. However, if you miss CTOMS’ original, Gen 1 X-Belt with the pop-out front metal V-ring, take heart. They tell me it is currently in development and that they will be bringing it back in an M-Harness (pull tested, rated) compatible configuration soon.

The M-Harness is a tactical climbing harness. It is certified to ASTM F1772 ‐99 (reapproved 2005) Standard Specifications for Climbing Harnesses and can be rapidly integrated for use with the X-Belt.

When you combine all of the components, you get an armored, loadbearing belt that also serves as a padded Class 2 harness for use in high threat, high angle operations.

CTOMS X-Belt / M-Harness Brochure

What nice about the X-Belt/M-Harness System is that it is just that; a system. Due to its inherent modularity and scalability, you can configure it as anything from a simple padded belt to a fully armored, climbing harness system. Not only that, you can purchase only the components you require so you aren’t stuck with capability you don’t need. Check it out if you’re in the market for something a little more substantial than your average gun belt.

Note from CTOMS: The armor inserts are cut from Kevlar sheets rated at NIJ level IIIa, however due to the size and shape of the cuts, these inserts are NOT RATED AT ALL. Due to backface deformation beyond allowable standards set for the ratings that may occur within 2 inches of the edge of the material, these inserts are NOT garanteed to provide any ballistic protection. The purchaser and end user assumes all risk and responsibility and CTOMS Inc. waives all liability in the reliance on this product for ballistic protection.

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7 Responses to “X-Belt/M-Harness System from CTOMS”

  1. Whokka says:

    I love my M Harness, I use it in a Crye low pro belt and it functions brilliantly!

    The harness is easy to use in the dark and quick to fit,
    The only wish I have is that they put a velcro closure on the bitter end of the adjustment (left hip) so it can’t work loose when used as a trouser belt…

    A great product unique in the market!!!

  2. AsltPnr54 says:

    I’m using the Gen II X-Belt and padding system overseas as my 1st line gear. I did not buy the M-Harness or armour as I could not justify the extra cost but I am loving the performance of the belt system.

    I am also using their CTOMs rifle sling as well, working great for over a year now of extensive use. Great company and real pros to deal with.

  3. Daggertx says:

    That M harness looks great. I am a sucker for cobra buckles and safety rated stitching.

  4. […] MOLLE Drop Extension Panel works with the CTOMS X-Belt/M-Harness System. It’s four PALS columns wide and velcroes into place inside the belt’s pad. While there […]

  5. SleepyDave says:

    Whats the attachment system for the rear straps of the harness? Can you remove and attach the climbing harness to the trouser belt without removing the belt from your pants?

  6. ChrisK says:

    Yes Sir, the leg loops can be removed from the system without taking the belt out of the trousers. There are two elastic straps at the rear attached to the leg loops that keep the leg loops from falling down. These attach to the rear of the belt (in the trousers) via two small straps that snap around the belt and release with a 3/4″ side release buckle.

  7. SleepyDave says: