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Skydex X-treme Duty Knee Pads ADS Tactical

Incorporating their patented energy absorbing technology, Skydex has introduced their new X-treme Duty Knee Pads. They combine the Skydex twin-hemisphere technology with their Rez-Flex outer shell to provide 57% greater impact protection over standard foam padding. Plus, it’s flexible enough to bend with the joint. The rubberized straps and back of the pad are non-slip so they won’t fall down while you wear them. Additionally, the backing is a breathable mesh to help prevent moisture build up. An Elbow Pad version is also available.

The X-treme Duty Knee Pads and the full line of Skydex products is available from

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2 Responses to “Skydex X-treme Duty Knee Pads ADS Tactical

  1. Aaron says:

    Their elbow pads look even bettern

  2. Nathan says:

    Hey, I’ve been doing a lot of tiling and flooring recently. I wonder if these would be better than my pair cheap walmart brand kneepads.