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HEL-STAR in Action

Remember the HEL-STAR 5 strobe from Core Survival we wrote about back in June? Here is some video of it in action, attached to a Gentex Parachutist Helmet during a military free fall jump at Eloy, AZ. It is designed for use by parachutists while in freefall and under canopy to identify one another.

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2 Responses to “HEL-STAR in Action”

  1. The Hel-Star 5 is an outstanding and much needed piece of kit. Our entire HALO exhibition team is outfitted with them. They are zero maintenance and tough and out perform the competition.

    We will mount them on our Ops-Core ballistic Fast Bumb helmets for some demos in 2012.

  2. We also have them on our Gentex HGU 55P HALO/HAHO helmets, and use them on a variety of skydiving helmets for night jumps with civilian rigs at our DZ.

    The Hel-Star 5 has high visibility led flashing green and white, steady green and flashing IR. They are easy to turn on and off while wearing gloves. You can change a CR123 battery in about a minute, and they last a substantial length of time. We will have them as part of our display at our booth at the International Council of Air Shows convention in Las Vegas 4-7 December.