Ambush Firearms Launches Website

Although the brand officially launched early this year at SHOT Show, Daniel Defense’s hunting line, Ambush Firearms now has a web presence. AR platforms are quickly becoming a viable option for hunting as manufacturers accessorize the basic platform for the task. Daniel Defense decided to get out in front of this growing phenomenon with the Ambush Firearms brand and produce rifles specially outfitted for hunting. The Ambush 6.8 is available in full rifle configurations as well as upper receiver groups. The monolithic rail upper features a full length Picatinny rail fore end with an indexable foregrip that will feel natural to hunters, reminding them of a shotgun fore end. However, while not commonly offered in a hunting gun, many hunters will find the adjustable buttstock a welcome addition to their rifle. Additionally, the Ambush 6.8 incorporates a Geissele Super Semi-Auto two-stage trigger. Finally, Ambush products can be had in Black as well as the popular hunting patterns, Realtree AP and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity.

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3 Responses to “Ambush Firearms Launches Website”

  1. MarkM says:

    AR platforms are quickly becoming a viable option for hunting? I guess I was more than ahead of the curve using an HK91 with Aimpoint in the late ’70s.

    No, what that should read is “AR platforms are finally being considered by a slow reacting, traditionalist hunting market with rapidly diminishing experience in actual military service.” What you get is a lightweight, durable rifle with sufficient power past 350m, without the disadvantages of heavier recoil and an awkward manual recharge of the action.

    20 million prior service men and women have been trained on that platform, why would they not want to hunt with a gun they know will function in the rain, and shrug it off? The beater gun they were issued in basic still got them qualified, they don’t shoot like the abused junk they were treated. One trip to a gun show or the discount rack at a pawn shop will get you a jacked up civilian gun with a finish twice as nice – but it won’t shoot worth a nickel.

    You’d have to try pretty hard to break an AR, civilian guns can’t take the beating riding in the back of a M113 or HMMV, getting knocked around exiting hatches and doorways on the run, or falling on concrete to have some personal face time with the user practicing the front leaning rest. Those 20 million know it for a fact, they want one, they know it can do the job, just like their Grandpa buying an ’03 or Garand. He made the same choice, a glossy bolt action didn’t stay that way riding on the tractor or in the truck, either.

    It’s the same decision, newer generation, newer gun, better durability and service.

  2. That upper does not look monolithic to me… Am I seeing this wrong?