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Platatac CUTS:SP

Australia’s Platatac has introduced their new Platatac’s CUTS (Cool Under Tactical Shirt): Special Projects. It is a combat style shirt designed for use in hot climates and is very traditional in that the sleeves are woven and the torso is knit.

One interesting feature of the CUTS:SP is that the shoulders are constructed from 3D air mesh to facilitate cooling. Additionally, the bicep include Velcro patches as well as a webbing flap to cover up the IR Square when not needed. These pockets also feature an additional smaller zippered pocket on top of the original pocket.

Currently available only in MultiCam in XSmall – XXLarge in both Regular and Long lengths. All sizes have been issued NSNs. It is important to note, that while CUTS:SP has incorporated some interesting features it was designed for the Australian military and is not FR.


14 Responses to “Platatac CUTS:SP”

  1. mike says:

    3D air mesh on the shoulders is a great idea. I wonder how it holds up to wear and tear?

  2. Winston says:

    Platatac are know for their poor quality and rip off designs.
    That being said however, while the air mesh seems an innovative idea, I doubt it will last long.

    • Bob Capa says:

      Poor quality and rip off designs?

      Is that why they have been in business for over 20 years.

      That item is NSNed along with the trousers that go with it. These are in use by various Tier 1 SF units the world over

      • Dev says:

        It’s a mixed bag.

        Some of Platatac’s stuff are crappy designs made in Sri Lanka, Vietnam or some subcontracted third world sweatshop and some of their designs are ripped off from companies (like SORD).

        However, that being said, some of their stuff are used by special forces units such as the Commandos and SASR.

        • Corinthian says:

          Having used the kit and knowing about PLATATAC and their gear, its pretty good.

          i have heard the question asked ” What came first the PLATYPUS or the egg”.
          I can remember when sword was a sub brand of Platypus and all the R and D being done by Platypus ?

          • Winston says:

            The length of time a company has been in business is irrelevant to the ethical nature of the company.Platatac have been known to rip off other peoples ideas and IP and pass it off as their own for a long time. Check out their website and see how many products are direct rip-offs of Crye, MM/Emdom, Eagle and a vast array of other companies.

            As for Ben Cox, sorry I mean Bob Capa, an item being NSN’d is also irrelevant. All that it means is that some one, some where has entered it into the system in order for it to be brought again. The days of a product having to go through a long, drawn out process for acceptance are long gone now that the ADF has gone into a mode of rapid acquisition. Some units are able to circumvent the process due to the nature of their work, hence why having an NSN issued by the ADF means very little.

          • Bob Capa says:

            Attn Winston,

            Wrong again mate i am not Ben although i have known Ben for a few years i have also known a few other owners of other companies that produce tactical nylon in Australia.

            I dare you are also someone that frequents forums like this one and has no idea of what Platatac actually does behind the scenes. Platatac does have some very original ideas that have come out of long dev times like the SPUR Tropical, Peacekeeper 3, SAW vest , Echo pack, Harry combat, 3S Belt, Alpha Pack and SMAC vest just to name a few.

            What and who’s IP are you actually talking about? Also what from Crye has been pipped off as you say. I can tell you a few things that have been ripped off by other companies that platatac made first but you probably don’t want to hear it because you obviously do not have an open mind to these things. There are plenty of companies around the world that use others ideas or have ideas come in from other people which get refined.

            Also it isn’t actually that easy to get something NSNed it’s a fairly lengthy process dealing with DMO and going through trials, providing fabric info. Once again I think you have no idea of what you are talking about also i thought like you until i was invited out to the Platatac factory to see what actually went on out there and I can tell you I was surprised and am now a big fan of what those guys do.

            You obviously do care enough about all these things just like I do to come on here and other forums and drop the owners name of Platatac and throw around unfounded allegations. I would say that you get into contact with the guys there and go out and see them and what they do because arguing on here is like arguing with a 10 year old.



  3. Lone Ranger says:

    There’s so much mulitcam in the market now its hard to find a good supplier. I have a few sets of TRU-SPEC Multicam in their TRU cut and have given it heaps and its survived!

  4. DM says:

    @ Dev

    As you may know or may not know, Platatac is not the only Australian Defence Industry Company/Contractor that manufacturers off shore.

    It kind of comes with the industry now in Australia. I think you would be hard pressed to find a manufacturer that only produces here in Australia.

    Very sad and unfortunate but true.

    The same company that you have listed above also has manufacturing in Asiatic countries and has had for some time.

    Oh, while I am at it you probably know the lineage of same said company and that perhaps some of their designs were probably being developed while it was still part of Platypus Outdoors.

    Platatac still produces/develops a large percentage of their gear here in Australia, particularly for PTG’s and SF units.

    This is a requirement to gain some contracts.

    And as previously stated above, some of their items are codified and in the current market with Defence procurement, it is very difficult to gain codification with an inferior or poor quality item.

  5. Winston says:

    @ ‘Bob’

    So you are saying that platatac was the sole designer of this pouch?

    Ask Military Moron what he thinks. He has a thread on Facebook about it.

    Your response to my observation smacks of pure hysterical emotion. Case in point, I said that platatac were know for poor quality and bad designs (how many companies have been mentioned twice in the same comcare ban on non-Issue equipment?) and you leapt in with garbage about how innovative they are and played the party line. Tell me, who invented the ‘SMAC’? POG or Eagle Industries? What about the ‘Chisel’ chest rig? What about the Field Utility Cleaning Kit? The Delta 48?

    Please refrain from BS about how all platatac stuff is made in Australia, unless Ho Chi Minh City is now a suburb of Melbourne you are wrong.

    Finally, if you are going to finish a post with an insult, please feel free to try a decent one, otherwise you just look amateurish.

    • Bob Capa says:


      Hysterical emotion. No mate just telling you what i think that’s all, exactly what you are doing its all good mate don’t get up me i hear what you are saying on some points. I don’t think platatac are claiming they are the sole designer on anything you have mentioned.

      But i do think the smac was definitely something that platatac put a lot of thought into it may look like some other peoples designs but i can assure you it had feedback from ADF.

      The cleaning kit pouch was a platatac design yes it looks like a an emdom cleaning roll but what you are saying is a bit of a stretch. I think it looks enough different to be its own pouch.

      Where is Emdoms stuff made? USA or Hong Kong?

      I dont think you are listening. I never said Platatacs gear is all made in Australia. They will be the first to tell you that they make stuff OS.

      Some of the items you have mentioned look like other stuff made by other companies.

      Have you read that comcare report on that incident? Do you know the guy that was injured and did the shooting? I dare say you don’t… what about one of the Sgts that was part of the investigation did you speak to him? Probably not.. That was one incident mate from how many of those vests did platatac sell? I used one and never in three years and never did a round go back into the magazine when putting a magazine in the pouch.

      Anyway wasn’t trying to insult you with anything i said, just insulting your intelligence. Also Its known not know mate.

      Anyway take it easy i got better thing to do that argue with you about something that doesn’t really affect me anyway.

    • DM says:

      @ Winston

      I think you might be talking about the Platatac MAC?

      Which does look a bit like one of the eagle plate carriers.

      The SMAC is a whole different ball game.

      It seems to me that you have a lot of knowledge of what they have in the public eye but not to much about the other stuff they may do.

      But I have an idea for both of you, instead of hijacking a forum to vent why don’t you exchange emails and discuss it in private rather than smashing a company in a public domain.

      Oh and on comcare since when and how do you blame an inanimate object for your failure and your superiors failure to clear you before you leave a range. That’s BS mate not an effing vest.

      On the platatac or bob or whoever was claiming to have everything built in Aus that is shit. They dont.

      There is a company that does have an amazing facade about their honest reputation of building everything in Aus, but what ever happened to that tram they had on their website. One thing to say nothing but a totally different to allude to and remove point of manufacture labels.

  6. elves says:

    i think levis should sue anyone else that makes pants

  7. bingo donkey says:

    i got one of these from a much earlier run,the body wasnt multicam but a nice brown merrino wool (about a yeasr ago)

    11 out of 10