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New From Ferro Concepts

Canada-based Ferro Concepts has introduced a simple single point sling that uses a t-bar to mount directly to a vest’s MOLLE field. On the business end, it features an HK-style clip to attach to the weapon. The LW-MOPS MOLLE One Point Sling is available in a variety of patterns.

Also, free shipping for Military in North America. To qualify, you must email from your .mil account and or send a scan of your ID. Both must match shipping address names.


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7 Responses to “New From Ferro Concepts”

  1. Kevin V. says:

    Exactly (99%) like the Blackhawk BH-70DC03 [Chalker single-point sling]
    Except for the use of a CLASH hook instead of a fixed eye snap shackle.
    I should order some for Christmas.

  2. Viktor says:

    Did you know that Ferro also makes knock-off LBT and Eagle plate carriers…

    Try google “Ferro 6094”

  3. Justin says:

    Ferroconcepts was recently talked about on DIYtactical.com in the “intellectual property” discussion. He’s not worried about ripping off big brands or mom and pop ideas. Although first looking at the sling makes me think unique. I’m concerned after reading the first comment as this may also be another one of his rip offs. of course I’d have to do some searching around the online mom and pop tac sewers.

  4. johnny says:

    I remember a few years back when ferro concepts first got started. His primary business was buying AOR1 fabric and producing copies of LBT and Eagle kit, such as the 6094 plate carrier, in that pattern and selling it to airsofters who couldnt access/afford the real deal gear. He basically charged slightly above MSRP if my memory is correct. Not exactly innovation in the market place…

    • Tyler says:

      This is only how his business started…this is what got his foot in the door and got him into even thinking this is what he could do for a living. Everyone starts somewhere.

      Last time I checked Ferro concepts has many non replica, and innovative ideas in the works or are already available to the public. And in an email from the company they say they are no longer making replicas an only focusing on and creating their own line of gear. I have seen the plate carrier that they are working on and its quite impressive, takes the good aspects from other proven designs and advances and simplifies, which in my mind is innovative cause they have improved something already great.

      I just saw the quick release tourniquet on FB and I have to say it looks like a great idea that works well and is practical. Sure this one point sling looks like the BHI one, but it also looks better and lighter than BHI’s. Eagle didn’t invent the backpack, but no one says there ripping someone off. Sure FC didn’t invent the sling, but it seems they did there own take on it. I think its great there are smaller companies like this out there who are willing to take the risk.

  5. MARSOCMarine says:

    Yeah like many other, he starts by making basically replicas of existing products to get his name out and get experience… Did you notice how the Blackhawk, LBT, TT, Eagle 3-day assault packs are how pretty much identical? How the Eagle MPCR is an LBT1961G?

    Still, good thing he says e stopped doing replicas and is now doing his own stuff and/or custom, but I really don’t give an ass about him making replicas of the big names since even these “great innovators” basically rip-off each other.