Riddle me this…why would someone enter a contest for a free holster and then have vapor lock when asked which make and model gun they have? It’s probably best to not enter a holster giveaway if you don’t actually own one. Tactical Mama relates that “the black is going to start leaking out of (her)” if email exchanges continue to go on like this.

TM to winner…”You know, make and model of pistol…for the ummm, holster you won? Sure, we can make sure it matches your armor vest, but which model gun is it for? Oh…you think that model will look better with your loadout? Fine, but once again, which gun do you need it for?”

And…finally, No, Tactical Mama doesn’t want to talk to you on the phone at 11 PM. Actually, she doesn’t want to talk to you on the phone at all if it can be handled via email. Please understand, she’s busy right now wrangling prize winners (well over 100, many of whom haven’t answered her emails) and planning my trips to SHOT, OR, and a military mountaineering conference. However, she will stop and take a photo with you at SHOT Show if you ask her nicely.

And yes, this was meant to be read tongue in cheek, or was it?


24 Responses to “WTF Part II”

  1. Jason Wyman says:

    They’re dumb. I will “sacrifice” (hahaha) myself for their winnings. I know EXACTLY what I would need a holster for! Hahahahaha!

  2. Ben says:

    Are you saying fit and function are more important than color matching to my super ninja seal team issue deagle vest? Blasphemy!


  3. Tim says:

    That would be the one that with all the troubles that are being caused, regardless of what they ask for colorwise, send them a blaze orange one….no right to complain when it’s free

    • Tim says:

      And BTW, no matter what gun the winner in question has, I would mold one that fits either a Nerf Gun or the old NES Duck Hunt Handgun to send off…oh and let him know what it is. Your rant and the impending revenge would more then cover the cost of the holster.

  4. Craig says:

    I’ll happily step in as a prize winner to replace one of those who are not responding, you’ll get nothing but prompt, polite and coherent replies from me.

    • Rob says:

      I second that Craig, same here!

    • Buckaroomedic says:

      I’ll be number three . . .

      Fookin’ idiots! Cut ’em off if they can’t respond in a timely and courteous manner. There’s plenty of other guys here who could use some new gear!

  5. Mitch says:

    What the heck is wrong with people these days and why would you enter a contest for a holster if you don’t have anything to fill it with? Argh!!!

  6. Zander says:

    I want my picture with Tactical Mamma at SHOT!!!! Where do I sign up?!

  7. Kevin says:

    People baffle me. “Wait, you’re supposed to put a gun in there? But I’m not allowed to carry a gun while I guard the mall…”

  8. Nathan says:

    Words escape me…. See that Glock 17 over in the corner? That’s my firearm crying itself to death trying to figure out the stupidity of winners.

  9. Thomas Hagan says:

    Simply…. WTF?!! Unbelievable!

  10. Lucky says:

    Question for the Administrator, do you want the winners to post photos of the won gear on the ssd Facebook, or to email them to you directly? Also, I will be putting the finishing touches on my bomber jacket artwork and can get photos to you if you are still interested in doing a post about bomber jacket artwork…

  11. mike says:

    Tactical Mama, keep on truckin’! She’s cool as hell and it’s a shame she has to put up with nonsense like this. I think it’s fair to propose time limits within an email discussion: “in the next 24 hours I need an email specifying make/model of the pistol to be holstered.” Donesky.

  12. EB says:

    Junior Mall Ninjas need not apply if they aren’t old enough to have a real pistol. See you at SHOT!

  13. ben lewis says:

    Right handed glock 17 please! Lol

  14. Clayton says:

    I’ll step in for them

  15. Johnny Bravo says:

    I will gladly step in for the errant winners, I have a STI Trojan in need of a good holster.

  16. Mike says:

    So it seems some Airsoft folks won prizes. Awesome. But know what gear you have before you waste SSD’s time. Hell I’d gladly take a holster for my Beretta, it’d work great for my upcoming deployment. But you won.

    So know what kind of gun you’re PRETENDING to use…

  17. VolkCNC says:

    Airsofters…. the bane of firearms related retailers everywhere.

  18. Nathan says:

    Oh hey, Let’s bash airsofting. Because everyone who owns airsoft equipment are idiots. I own real fireams for my job and airsoft weapons for tournament play. I really appreciate being stereotyped for having airsoft.

    • Mike says:

      Sorry Boss, not meant to bash the group as a whole, just the folks who put out the bad name, airsoft is a viable tool for training, just some folks tend to waste manufacturers time with inane questions about colors of gucci kit or pretending they’re a high speed mall ninja on the phone for discounts and swag.

      Trust me bro, the people who use it for training are good IMO

  19. S1 says:

    Sig 239. Second Generation. Right hand. Just throwing it out there.

  20. Chris Allison says:

    I won one of the holsters and while the conversation mentioned wasn’t my own mine was slightly similar. I attempted to ask which model of G Code holster was being given away because I have 2 pistols I need holsters for and depending on which model holster was the giveaway was going to decide which pistol I was going to request it for. I wasn’t trying to waste anyone’s time but apparently that was the wrong thing to ask. Trust me I definitely am grateful for winning the holster you can ask my family how excited I was. I just went through a divorce that cost me almost $20,000 so getting something for free from an awesome company like g code is huge to me. I just am kind of irked that it was a problem that I asked what model of g code holster was the giveaway. I wasn’t trying to waste her time, and once again thank you to soldier systems and g code for doing this giveaway.