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A Few More Magpul Surprises for 2012

It seems that some Magpul promotional materials made their way onto the information superhighway over the weekend (these are from a handout, the actual catalog isn’t available yet). As you can see, the Magpul PMAG 30 M3 Maglevel combines compatibility with both US Mil-Spec and NATO STANAG magwells into a single magazine. Additionally, there is a Maglink designed to connect two of the new magazines together, although my favorite seems to be the new XTM Hand Stop. The AFG never quite fit me right.

Click on these photos to see them full size.

Be sure to visit Magpul at SHOT Show in booth #20163.


6 Responses to “A Few More Magpul Surprises for 2012”

  1. steve says:

    The flush floorplates should be standard with the new magazines. Now if I wanted PMAGS with small floorplates I gotta spend 12-13$ for the magazine and undoubtedly 6$ for the spare floorplates.

  2. Justin says:

    The flared floorplate comes standard since it is a readily identifiable feature that the PMAG has had from the beginning. It is also a proven design, is still the easiest to disassemble, and provides improved magazine handling and extraction from pouches. Of course, for extra tight double and triple pouches where staggering the flared floorplate doesn’t work, the new Slim-Line Floorplate is an option.

  3. Mike says:

    Anyone know if these will work on a Steyr Aug? Or is that an entirely different animal altogether?


  4. Doug E. Doug says:

    It says STANAG, so it should fit into an AUG.

    • Other Steve says:

      “It says STANAG, so it should fit into an AUG.”

      Um, Are you fucking with the guy?

      AUGs are not Stanag. They are AUGs. They (traditionally) take a completely different magazine.

      Steyr did have a NATO stock that made the gun accept AR/Stanag mags, and MSAR released an Aug clone revision of the E4 that did the same. Unless you have an E4 or a NATO stock – NO these will not fit in an AUG.


  5. AJ says:

    is it me or does the spine sound like a possible problem, especially when most pouches are designed around the USGI mags. None the less im excited to pick some up