It’s Just Not Fair

How ironic that PEO Soldier’s Equipment Piece of the Week, this week, of all weeks is the Soldier Plate Carrier System considering S&S Precision unleashed the Plate Frame on an unsuspecting public just yesterday. I mean, how do they expect anyone to look at it the same way again? It’s just not fair.


5 Responses to “It’s Just Not Fair”

  1. Doc says:

    The SPC is a piece of garbage they shoulda just went with the Eagle PC- Cummerbund so much better.

  2. Eagles says:

    While the S&S design goes out of the box….the conventional force issued ESAPI plates are not stand alone. Of course it is possible to “buy more”, but economy of scale takes over when you are looking at outfitting even the maneuver battalions of an Army BCT (~2000 personnel). If you are really serious about reducing the Soldier’s load, then you consider it….

  3. Matt says:

    While I am a fan of Drew&Co works in this case I remain a bit sceptical. Worth testing out nonetheless.

  4. LT P says:

    My SPCS did nothing but collect dust after the first week of use, a stripped down IOTV was ten times better than that garbage. The Army forgot it’s lessons learned with the internal and external cummerbunds on this thing. There are after market additions available but no one wants to shell out the $200+ for it.