Klymit Frame Sheet


See that? It’s an inflatable frame sheet.


Here it is mounted in a Cilo Gear pack. It’s designed to take the place of traditional HDPE and aluminum stay combo frame sheets. Not only does it provide some padding, but it also provides rigidity. It has a positive correlation with the load meaning, the more you put into your pack (up to 40 lbs) the more it compresses the frame sheet and the more rigid it becomes. It can bend 35-38 degrees before it impinges making it comfortable in a wider variety of positions.

Inflated with air rather than Noble-tek, it features an inflation valve which accepts a hand pump or the sheet can be orally inflated as well. It’s already in one climbing pack and Cilo Gear is converting soon.

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2 Responses to “Klymit Frame Sheet”

  1. Alex says:

    Interesting concept though I wonder how sturdy/puncture proof it is. My current pack uses an internal aluminium frame which works fairly well and is reasonably sturdy but it would be good to see how the two compare.

  2. wyhunter11 says:

    AHAHA! Perfect for those who never need to carry more than 20 pounds or need to depend on their gear. Unless you’re a sponsored climber making a summit bid and need a disposable crap bag, look elsewhere. Seriously, wtf?