Idema Dies at 55 in Mexico

Jonathon Keith Idema was a character. For some of us, he was a nemesis, others an amusement and far fewer still considered him friend. Rare was the person in the tactical industry of the 80s and early 90s who didn’t have a brush with him.

Last year, I had read that he had barricaded himself in his home in Mexico, in a standoff with local law enforcement, his welcome long worn out in his homeland, America. Sounded like classic Keith, as he was known in the old days. After spending some time in federal prison for wire fraud, he reinvented himself as a professional adventurer and went by the monicker “Jack”. This time he ended up in an Afghan prison for running an illegal jail and torture.

He always seemed like the kind of guy who would pop up again somewhere else, with a new name and a new game. Admittedly, I was surprised to hear of his death at only 55 even though it was common knowledge he had AIDS. Only the good die young so I figured Idema would survive to a ripe old age, living off of the proceeds of hair brained schemes and frivolous lawsuits.

Here is a link to a pretty colorful obituary of Idema. Read it and then share your memories in the comments.


3 Responses to “Idema Dies at 55 in Mexico”

  1. CTO says:

    5 bucks says that the first thing out of Satans mouth was…

    “So you’re THAT Asshole.”

  2. Tim Ellwood says:

    I met him in 85, when he had “Idema Combat systems” Dealing with him was never what I would call fun. Ran into him a few times over the years, he was never happy to see me as I always reminded him he still owed me money! Followed his antics in Afghanistan, always good for a laugh. Did not know he had AIDS, hell of a way to go.

    • johnny says:

      You’d think he would be able to pay you back with the $1.8 million dollars he won in a law suit right?