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Amber Alert – Crye Compact Assault Ghillie

Crye Precision debuted a great product at SHOT Show; the Compact Assault Ghillie. The thought process is simple, snipers aren’t the only guys who need ghillie style camouflage. Crye came up with their solution which is super lightweight, super compact and super cool. In fact, it is so cool that someone walked off with their sample, right out of the booth. I guess we’ll know who it was when it shows up on eBay, shows up on an attention whore website, or shows up as a “new” product from some chop shop. No matter who it was, do the right thing and send it back. I’m sure it misses home.


23 Responses to “Amber Alert – Crye Compact Assault Ghillie”

  1. Tracker6 says:

    That is pretty shitty. Those guys work pretty hard, even behind the scenes, to take care of our warriors, especially special operations.

    The person that stole that should have their ass kicked thoroughly.

  2. I’m certainly surprised someone had the balls to do that. CCTV coverage would be pretty good, I’d have thought…

  3. Ken says:

    There is no shame in this world.

  4. Tim says:

    I’m not surprised. I’ve talked to other manufacturers at SHOT before and they’ve told me plenty of stories with products disappearing throughout the show. This is the largest item I’ve heard of being stolen there though.

  5. While that guy deserves his ass kicked and I hope it gets so, how did no one in their booth notice a non-employee walking off with it?

  6. BirkAK says:

    As I remember, that shirt hung above a shelf, as you can see on the pictures. Quite high as I recall. The thief must have done some kind of ninja-trick or some serious distraction to get it.
    Was the mannequin, that carried shirt, also stolen?


  7. Keld says:

    Not having seen more than that picture, it appears to me its not so revolutionary in the end.
    Guys have been making these improvised ghillies for years out of regular cam nets that look just like that one in size and shape.

    Wonder why anyone would go through with a daring stunt like that for this.

  8. Strike-Hold! says:

    When I visited Crye’s booth at the Show there was no one from Crye actually manning the booth to either answer questions or keep an eye on stuff – there were only their “booth babes” sitting behind their desk signing photos. So, I’m not surprised that someone was able to make off with that piece of kit.

    Not excusing thievery by any means, but if you leave the barn door open…

  9. Not the largest item absconded with from SHOT, sad to say. 2011 set the record as far as I know, with a $3000 Schmidt & Bender scope getting ripped off from their booth.

    Whether the item is earth-shatteringly revolutionary or not, it is still a dick move to steal it.

    Unfortunately, this isnt uncommon. We busted a guy trying to steal a knife from a booth this year. His excuse, “Uh, I just wanted to see how it carried and show my buddy over there…” (“How it carried,” because he just flat out stuck the knife in his pocket and started to walk out of the booth.) After he was asked to come back to the booth, he handed over the knife and made a lame “my buddy wouldnt like it anyway” excuse and bailed quick.

    When youre at these kind of shows, most people are too busy looking for freebies or are distracted by all the cool new toys on the wall. If you keep your eyes open, you’d be amazed at what you see people doing.

    Disclaimer: I dont recommend confronting someone who just stole a potential weapon. Hindsight, it wasn’t my brightest move.

  10. Bulldog says:

    Courtesy of Natick Labs and sniper school. Good that Crye can make some $$$$$ on this. But credit where credit is due…creativity or IP should not be claimed on this one…and many others that get knocked off. I do like the milk container. Thats creative.

  11. Bulldog says:

    Just wait. Seriously, copying stuff, whether from industry or Govt happens oftenly. Elite manufacturers with great reputations cant scape this. Dig in and youll see that their “ideas” are nothing but

  12. Greg says:

    Rather when its a living human being or piece of a new assault kit or just about anything, people just have no shame in what they do 🙁 Times are still a little tough. But ripping off someone who works days and nights to bring us top of the line stuff? c’mon now thats not cool.

  13. Josh says:

    WTF?? It seems that Crye gets stuff stolen every year @ SHOT. They clearly need to come up with a better way to secure their products in the booth. More staff, cables & locks, or something.
    That said…In a perfect world they shouldn’t HAVE to worry about people pilfering their booth, but we are quite far from that world.

    It is pretty amazing how little attention is paid to what’s going on there. The 1st year the Kriss was at SHOT, I could have walked away with one of the guns on display. It was not anchored to the display and the people working the booth didn’t notice when I picked up the gun. If I were a thieving douche bag I could have dropped it into a “swag bag”, turned & walked off with it.

  14. Coolhand77 says:

    Hell, hire me for the week, along with about 4 or 5 guys for nothing else than loss prevention. We stand there and watch stuff for a shift to make sure nothing walks off and if it does, it doesn’t get past security at the door [in the case of weapons, like the above knife]. I bet you can find at least a couple hundred applicants a year that would volunteer as long as they got a free trip and a room [and maybe cheap food] to go to SHOT. I’d gladly take a week off work, as long as someone covered my trip out there, and stand watch for an 8 hour shift a day during the show. Just sayin…its a solution…

  15. First chance I’ve had to go back and read about a week of SSD, sorry for weighing in late. I just wanted to point out that having a bunch of LEOs there doesn’t necessarily solve things either. A couple of companies at Urban Shield 2011 had stuff “walk away” and the vast majority of people there were active or former law enforcement. Anywhere you go, there will be thieves, even among the most allegedly honorable professions. In the course of my job I’ve seen dopers who did unexpected good things and cops and “high end” military guys that were shitbags. As to securing the stuff; sure there are probably better ways to secure things but with those crowds and that many people, I don’t know that even vigilant people in the booths would be able to keep things from walking away (barring physically securing or tethering every item).

  16. Nobody says:

    Several Shot Shows ago, a lot of firearms made its way off the show floor and into the hands of gangbangers. So thievery at Shot isn’t anything new.

  17. Jason says:

    That item is a cheap knock-off of Tactical Concealments “Viper Hood”. Not sure how one can claim to be an innovator when they copy a concept that has been on the market for years. Maybe the think they will get away with it because of their “hugh marketing engine” but truth be known the real operators out there know Crye ripped this off of Tactical Concealment and the Chinese probably ripped this off out of Crys booth.

    • SSD says:

      Actually it’s not a knockoff of anything that exists. And oh yeah it wasn’t cheap either. The lightweight, comparable material came at a price. Crye had to a commit to a very large run of the fabric.

  18. mike says:

    someone probably has been trying to return it, but since Beth is the only person who answers the 1,000,000+ phone calls a day there, they can never get in touch… Maybe Crye should hire some more people, like security, people to answer phones, people to return emails,….