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New Body Armor for Philippines Army

MKU PVT Ltd. of India; Concentric Industries Inc. of Korea, UM Merkata DOO of Serbia, Tactics SOG Industries of the US, Protective Products of the US, SIA of Israel, Goldbell Philippines and JEJE Enterprises have all “bought” bid documents to provide 3,480 sets of body armor for the Philippine Army worth about P174 million.

The eight firms have until February 21 to complete their bids and all bidders must have successfully fulfilled an armor contract within the last five years.

One Response to “New Body Armor for Philippines Army”

  1. B200 says:

    As far as I know Tactics SOG is a Philippine company. But they might just have investors from the states to be able to compete for the bid.

    If I have to bet, basing on local politics and biases, the contract might be given to them. Or to the US or Korean firms. The toss up is who could give the approving generals the most most under-the-table-lovin…