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Jones Tactical Belts on Tactical Fanboy

Tactical Fanboy wrote an article on Jones Tactical‘s belts. Their two-tone belts feature AustriAlpin buckles and have set the standard for customized gun belts.

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3 Responses to “Jones Tactical Belts on Tactical Fanboy”

  1. I see what you mean but... says:

    Didn’t Jones Tactical rip off Ares Tactical?

  2. Matt says:

    That is a rip off of the Ares Gear belt. The owner of Ares has the proof if you doubt it.

  3. Lee Fields says:

    I find it interesting people keep saying JT belts are a “rip off” of Ares belts. They are similar, but there are differences. A belt is a belt and anyone can make one. If it was an Ares innovation he should have patented it so he could have exclusive rights to it. Even VTAC is making a similar belt these days.

    Customer service, quality, and support should be the critieria for gear selection. Fair competition is a good thing and what this country is based on. I’ve used JT belts for years and I can vouch for his work. Great guy to work with too.