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Galls and Quartermaster Merge

So yesterday a gun company buys another, it’s not nearly as big news as this. Galls, LLC, a veritable powerhouse in the public safety, first responder and private security sector, has merged with Cerritos, California-based Quartermaster, Inc. While this alone is significant, add in this tidbit. Galls was acquired by New York-based private equity firm CI Capital Partners in September of 2011. Now, you begin to see some consolidation by outside investors.

Bob San Julian, Chief Executive Officer of Galls said, “We are very excited to announce the merger of these two industry leaders. Quartermaster’s large customer base will benefit from Galls’ broad product offering, high level of customer service, and East Coast distribution capabilities. In turn, Quartermaster’s highly recognizable private label brand, long-standing relationships with key suppliers, and established West Coast distribution presence will be instrumental as we compete for customers in the public safety products sector.”

Jim Duncan, current Chief Executive Officer of Quartermaster, will become President of the combined company. Mr. Duncan commented, “Quartermaster has achieved tremendous success on its own since 1974. As we look toward our future growth, we realize that joining forces with Galls and forming a national distribution platform is the best means of serving our customers. Galls and Quartermaster share a commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer service, making Galls an ideal partner for us going forward.”

“When we closed the acquisition of Galls last fall, it was our goal to build and position this business for long-term growth and profitability, both organically and through strategic acquisitions,” said Thomas Ritchie, Managing Director at CI Capital Partners. “Quartermaster’s strong brand recognition, marketing capabilities, and experienced sales organization make it an exceptional combination with the Galls platform.”

PNC Business Credit, AEA Mezzanine and PennantPark Investment Corporation provided financing for the transaction.

As the DoD budget shrinks, the LE and first responder markets begin to look even more lucrative. However, it’s not easy money by any means. The market is extremely segmented and it takes a great deal of leg work to reach the multitude of customers. You have agencies and organizations spanning from local to state to federal, all with differing requirements, funding and procurement systems.

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5 Responses to “Galls and Quartermaster Merge”

  1. Andras says:

    Hopefully this goes better for the employees and customers of both organizations than most private equity firm takeovers do. I used to be a galls customer when I was running on rigs, and spent a lot of time at quartermaster as well (local to me in SoCal). And I’ve also dealt with the after effects of a couple of takeovers, on both sides.

    Best of luck to all involved. Hopefully growth continues in a positive manner, and isn’t governed strictly by the desire to make money for investors at any cost.

  2. ExQMemployee says:

    Are you serious? Jim Duncan as President of the new organization? That’s like putting a first-grader in the White House, except the first-grader would do a better job.

    No doubt this is a failure waiting to happen and I personally will sit back and laugh when Jim Duncan falls on his butt.

    • Airborne says:

      Gosh KK-kinda harsh.

      • Kent says:

        I used to work at Quartermaster. Although I am not the one that wrote this reply by the “ExQMemployee”, and my initials are “KK”, I am trying to figure out who the “Airborne” asshole was that said “Gosh KK-kinda harsh.” I need to assume that you were in the airborne in some service somewhere, but likely not. Why don’t you go ahead and reveal what your first and last name is for all of the readers and then maybe you and I can have a personal discussion about this. But you probably won’t because you are undoubtedly another pussy (probably an x-cop) in this industry that lurks in the shadows and talks shit. Or if you are still too big of a pussy to do this, then why don’t you just call me on my cell, since you obviously have my number. And last, if this is still too overwhelming for you, you can keep writing things and hiding behind someone else’s initials. Signed KK.


    I look forward to this merge. I think it opens more opportunities for growth. It sounds like an old employee might be blaming others for their problems. Probably someone that was overpaid, spoiled and obviously immature. Anyone that has worked for Jim or Scott know its a pushy ride but in this business u have to aim high and pull your weight. Its because of these two and their exceptional professional sales reps that Quartermaster is so successful. To the GALLS team I hope you have thick skin.