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Spartan Blades – New Designs

Spartan Blades showed us a couple of new designs at SHOT Show. From top to bottom:

-Spartan Harsey Hunter – This one has been around awhile. Built in cooperation with renowned knife designer “Bill” Harsey, it’s intended to pull double duty as a fighting or hunting knife.

-Spartan Harsey Model 2 – Another knife built in cooperation with “Bill” Harsey.

-Phrike – A smaller knife, it should hit the market this Spring.


2 Responses to “Spartan Blades – New Designs”

  1. john says:

    Own a ares and cqb dagger great blades that have proven their worth plenty of times. Great company, great blades.

  2. DCJ says:

    Nice blades… but I was hoping they would present their folder design. Seems like we have to wait a little longer…