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BLOCS Shoulder Hydration Harness – TAP

SOTech has taken the shoulder straps from their popular Falcon Chest Rig designed for the 325 Airborne Infantry Regiment and modified them to adapt to the Army and Marine Corps issue Tactical Assault Panel or TAP. It’s a great accessory because troops are starting to use their TAP without armor but the issue shoulder strap accessory is narrow and can be uncomfortable.

This is what SOTech had to say:
“Responding to requests from soldiers in the field, SOTECH has modified the shoulder harness/hydration pack from it’s Falcon rig to clip onto the Tactical Assault Panel. Troops in the field needed a standalone chest rig and found the thin straps that came with the TAP to be cutting into their shoulders. SOTECH’s Falcon harness has 3 inch wide shoulder straps. Basically a modification of part of SOTECH’s Battle Load Carry System, this custom modification will be called the BLOCS Shoulder Hydration Harness – TAP (BSHH-TAP), and is available for unit purchase and on SOTECH’s website as a COTS solution. Versions of the harness will also be available with padded shoulders and with or without the hydration pack upon special request for unit orders.”



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