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Attempted Infiltration at Natick

Yesterday, five men attempted to gain entry to Natick Soldiers System Center using fake ID cards. All five men were in their early 20s and were probably attempting to gain access in order to commit criminal activity. However, due to the sensitive nature of research at Natick officials aren’t taking any chances.

According to a WCVB TV report, “If you don’t have like a security sticker or military ID, your car is searched, and one of the things they didn’t have was the proper ID. They noticed a couple of them were fake,” said Natick Labs spokesman John Harlow.

The perpetrators were arrested after being found with fake IDs, 40 counterfeit credit cards and stolen electronics that included nine laptops, two iPods, a Playstation game and alarm clocks.

The best part is the defense attorney’s assertion that the men weren’t up to anything nefarious. Oh no, they were in the area for a party. Even better was the excuse of one of the accused. He claimed to be a member of the Guard and was trying to gain entry to purchase uniform items. Classic.


4 Responses to “Attempted Infiltration at Natick”

  1. tom says:

    like telling the cop i just broke out the car window so i can see the interior better!!!

  2. kilroy says:

    Kudos to the gate guard for actually checking the ID cards.

  3. Mobious says:

    Cool story bro

  4. Mike says:

    >cool story bro