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Interested in a Slangvel from Slangvel?

Right about now, the vast majority of you are scratching your heads asking yourselves, “What’s this “slangvel” you speak of? It is an Afrikaans word for “Snake Skin” and is used to describe the South African parachutist smock because the shoulders and elbows are reinforced with nylon webbing.

There’s also Slangvel, the manufacturer of things camouflage and cool. He has manufactured some of my favorite hats and while he has made Smocks in the past, he is working on getting a new Slangvel off the ground.

Here you see a South African brown (nutria) Slangvel next to a Badlands Slangvel to show how close he has kept the detail. He is in final sourcing for the proper snaps which is a major design detail on a Slangvel as they are exposed.

Although the sample is in PenCott Badlands he also plans on offering them in MultiCam and other patterns and solids as well. These will be initially offered in medium and large size. We’ll let you know when they are ready for order.


6 Responses to “Interested in a Slangvel from Slangvel?”

  1. Richard says:

    Outstanding! His work is top-notch, and the original SADF design is rugged. Can’t wait.

  2. Matt says:

    I’m interested in more information on this design. Specifically the materials used and a price. Good to see more Smock’s on the market.

  3. Paralus says:

    Awesome. I have three of his hats.

  4. Ross Botha says:

    Looks good! Wish he would do it in Nutria, Coyote is in fact just a version of washed out Nutria. The SADF was light years ahead in equipment design. Sadly the SANDF is not so!!

  5. Brian Reacher says:

    Can you please let me know when these will be available ? Interested in one in olive green colour with brown patches.

  6. Sgt Pawulak says:

    Interested in a slangvel smock in XL size. Dave does superb work and if anyone can make up these smocks, Dave can! I would love a Nutria smock as I have seen their prices rise on a few of the dealers who sell them.

    But a Pencott smock from Dave would be enjoyed too. Hope he does
    get the pencott fabric off Dom Hyde. Sgt P. USAF (ret)