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Shellback Gear Used For Broadway Show

We got a note from Shellback Tactical that their Cobra Riggers Belt has been used by the Broadway Show ‘Spider Man – Turn Off The Dark.’ Here’s what Mike, the head honcho at Shellback told us. It’s interesting to see how tactical gear can be placed into other uses. It’s also good to see people outside the tactical industry appreciate American made quality.

I have received several orders from them and decided to look into it. I spoke to there stage manager over there and verified it with him. He was pleased to know that it was US made and did not realize it.

Interesting Info- Off the subject of Tactical for a minute- We recently discovered that our Shellback Tactical Cobra Buckle Riggers belt with Austri Alpin Buckle is being used behind the scenes of the Broadway Show Spider-Man Turn of the Dark. It is being used by the production crew/Stagehands to tie in when working while setting up when a Class 3 harness is not needed. We thank them for using our gear- It is nice to see a production such as this supporting Small Business- An American Company and USA Made Gear.



3 Responses to “Shellback Gear Used For Broadway Show”

  1. BATTMAN says:

    I like the belts, just wish they were not as wide as they are. If they were 1-2 mm less wide they would be much easier to slide through the ACU belt loops.

  2. Shellback Tactical says:

    BATTMAN, WE are working on a more friendly pants version hat will fit belt loops for EDC. Thanks for taking the time to post.

  3. Robert Furrey says:

    the only belt i have worn for about 9 years now, and the only belt i will wear again.