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LSS in Afghanistan – 2003/04

We received this photo from a reader after he read our article earlier today on the recently fielded M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System. I fired it in 04 and this photo was taken before then, of a Soldier serving in Afghanistan carrying a C-More Systems Lightweight Shotgun System mounted on his M4. It’s been around awhile. No idea why it took so long to begin fielding. Check the cool 3-color Desert Combat Uniforms.


5 Responses to “LSS in Afghanistan – 2003/04”

  1. Fred says:

    I still have a set of DCUs in my closet from ’04-’05 in Afghanistan. I miss that uniform.

    I know they tested it a bit over there with some units, but agreed, it should have been in the system a while ago.

  2. Orion307 says:

    Yeah and that 3-color probably would have worked fairly well if theyre kit wasnt black n green.

  3. Robert says:

    The Woodland IBA and MOLLIe over the DCU’s actualy worked preety well for us in some AO’s. Our company along with Sgt. Blessings unit opened up what became Camp Blessing on what was supposed to be a 7 day operation. We established the position and his unit followed on for other missions. While we occupied the position I could spot my soldiers on the OP’s who had their vests off very easily. There was enough vegitation and contrasting rocks on the slopes that the DCUs stood out at great distance. If they had their vests on the woodland broke up their figure and they were very hard to spot against the terrain.

    When we moved down to Ghazni, where this picture was taken, it was not as effective.

  4. Brosideon says:

    Those uniforms are tits, when are they being fielded. Haha, oh wait…