The Sports Supplement Bible

Will Brink, the man behind Optimal SWAT has released a new book, ‘The Sports Supplement Bible.’ It covers over 60 supplement ingredients used to create many well known sports supplements. I’ve known Will for years and he has always been forthright and with over 20 years in the body building industry, he knows a thing or two on the subject.

Be sure to visit Will’s website for the book, www.sportssupplementbible.com where he talks about the book and shares several videos like the one above. So far it is available for Nook and Kindle and now hard-copy print version.

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3 Responses to “The Sports Supplement Bible”

  1. JP says:

    Will Brink is fucking brilliant. His essays back in the early 90’s taught me a lot about all the horse shit on supplement store shelves.

  2. 18Sass says:

    Thanks for the great insight on this.

  3. Will Brink says:

    Thanx for the honorable mention on the new book. It’s very much appreciated. Will save people a lot of wasted time and $$$$ if they use the new book as a general guide to their supplement purchases.

    PS, thanx JP! 🙂