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BE Meyers GLARE Devices in Action

We’ve covered BE Meyers line of GLARE devices in the past and even mentioned ways they are employed. Now, ADS and BE Meyers have teamed up to produce this video that gives you a great perspective on how the gear is used and what it looks like, not only from the user’s standpoint but from the target’s as well.

The video depicts the use of the GLARE MOUT Plus at a Traffic Control Point (TCP), and how use of this non-lethal laser enables the TCP to engage the vehicle at a safe distance and determine the intent of the approaching vehicle. Not only does it attract the attention of the target but it also helps conceal the locations and actions of the personnel manning the TCP from the target.

You may notice a couple of interesting facts concerning the decrease in checkpoint deaths in Iraq starting around 2005. The sources of this information are articles in the NY Times and the Wall street Journal. At this point you might consider the information dated, but it comes from the time when these lasers were first fielded and the results are astonishing when you consider going from seven deaths a week to just one, that is a big deal. BE Meyers has related to us that the one death a week cited was often shown to be hostile intent toward US forces and the Escalation Of Force lasers actually discovered the intent and allowed for earlier and decisive engagement.

The GLARE line of products are the only non-lethal EoF lasers certified for use by all US military branches. Additionally, the US Army recently selected them for their GLIS program.


Also shown in the video are the LA-9/P and the GLARE Enforcer. The LA-9/P is the primary non-lethal EoF laser used by the US Marine Corps and Navy, and the most powerful EoF laser available. It provides greater than 1,500 meters of stand-off range in daylight, 4,000 meters at night, and it is the only non-lethal military laser that incorporates a safety control module to secure the laser, should anyone enter into the eye hazard area.

Jeff Bradbury, Marketing Executive, BE Meyers told SSD, “Our GLARE LA-9/P and GLARE Enforcer are the only devices with integrated safety modules that automatically control the laser if targets are in danger of exceeding permissible laser exposure limits. This gives our military and law enforcement users a truly long-range non-lethal option, with stand-off distances up to and beyond 500 meters. That kind of power and safety provides an escalation of force capability to communicate with and engage targets on land or at sea across all operating scenarios.”


“The GLARE MOUT PLUS combines all of the positive attributes of the original GLARE MOUT device, and adds a training mode to further protect users, nearly doubles the power providing much greater standoff distance, and extends its environmental performance from -20° C to +50° C. The improvement in standoff distance is particularly valuable to the warfighters, providing a non-lethal escalation of force option that is effective at 500m in daylight, providing valuable time to make the right decision and take effective action,” said Bruce Westcoat, VP Business Development, BE Meyers.

GLARE Enforcer

BE Meyers continues to improve their products and expand their offerings. Additionally, they have not only improved the capabilities of our military but adapted the technology for use by law enforcement, providing safe, EoF capabilities. For example, the GLARE Enforce is the only non-lethal visual disruption laser FDA approved for law enforcement organizations. This green laser relies on Eye Safe technology which automatically adjusts the output power depending on the target distance, ensuring the delivery of maximum safe power at all times while maintaining the safety of all nearby personnel against accidental eye injury.

Agencies and units can procure BE Meyers GLARE devices through

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