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BE Meyers & Co Inc Unveils Commercial MAWL-C1+ Laser Aiming Device

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Even when the MAWL From BE Meyers was just a rumor, folks were asking for a commercial model. I know, I was one of them. They had planned for one all along, but wanted to get the initial DA models out to their mission customers. Just now, they announced the availability of a commercial model, available for open purchase.


This thing is no less than amazing! I had checked out a prototype in a static, lab environment before they were released, but I finally had the chance to put one to work while recently hunting hogs in Texas. The controls are intuitive and right where you need them. What’s more, the beam reaches out, way out, and remains focused and clear. I was able to indicate items of interest for my fellow hunters as well as illuminate areas with IR light where we couldn’t clearly see. It definitely enhanced the experience, making me and my fellow hunters not only more effective, but safer.

Below is their full press release.


The Commercial Market Spoke, and We Listened
Since the release of the MAWL-DA™ laser device to the military and law enforcement community in 2016, B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. has received numerous requests for a civilian legal variant of the MAWL™. Today we are proud to be able to support these requests by introducing the MAWL-C1+™ commercial laser device. The C1+ variant is not the typical “Class 1” laser device, and this is the first time that a laser illuminator is available to the shooting community that is not only functional for night target engagement at distance, and exceeds the performance of other commercial systems.


MAWL™ Design
The MAWL-C1+ has all the sought-after ergonomic design features of the MAWL-DA, allowing for quick operation in the dark and on the move. In under a second, using only the tip of your thumb, the laser can be manipulated from near to far and back again between short range, mid-range, and long range specific settings. With low-profile activation buttons centered at just 0.37” above the rail, the MAWL design offers an unparalleled combination of range adjustment and speed of use.

Class 1 Plus™ = Irradiance on Target
The power balance of infrared illumination and pointing irradiance at different ranges becomes critical as commercial night vision quality continually increases, which is why MAWL-C1+ brings settings specific for close range to long range target engagement. By utilizing a uniquely arrayed laser core, the MAWL-C1+ is able to incorporate a laser illuminator capable of outperforming other civilian legal laser systems on the market, and also outperforms many restricted devices. This provides the user with a distinctive and functional near infrared illuminator with unrivaled irradiance on target, allowing for positive identification of objects, the ability to surpass many photonic barriers, as well as faster target acquisition either on the range or in the field. On top of this, the visible green laser pointer in the MAWL-C1+ has selectable low-power settings for close range boresight precision that is also slaved to the near infrared pointers. Once the user has zeroed the visible green laser, the infrared lasers are also automatically zeroed, getting you into the field faster at night. By featuring centralized, co-aligned emitters, the MAWL ensures that all beams are simultaneously on target, regardless of distance.


Class 1 Plus™ = Beam Clarity
Our beam is our brand, and the incredibly smooth illumination quality of the MAWL-C1+ is the same as in the standard MAWL-DA, eliminating the distracting artifacts (a.k.a. greasy fingerprint spots) that many civilian and restricted laser devices possess. Not only does this clean energy performance improve your illumination of the target area, it makes low Figure-of-Merit (FOM) night vision devices look better by providing increased ambient and directional near infrared illumination.


Use What You Already Own
The MAWL is designed to be the best laser on the market, and works with and compliments a variety of other high-end systems. The MAWL-C1+ is designed to work with all MIL-STD/NSWC Crane Laser Lead remotes, which include the Unity Tactical/TNVC TAPS™ and TAPS Pro™ series remote cables, the SureFire SR07-D-IT, as well as L3 and Steiner remote activation cables. In addition to this, the MAWL series are designed to work in parallel with the SureFire M300 Mini-Scout Light® to maximize rail space efficiency.


Available Now
Limited production runs of the B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. MAWL-C1+ are available now through select commercial distribution channels. For more information, pricing, and a list of resellers, please visit www.bemeyers-mawl.us.

Mr. Wayne Dowd Promoted To Senior Business Development Manager At B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc.

Monday, September 28th, 2015


September 28th, 2015 (Redmond, WA) –
B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. is proud to announce that Mr. Wayne Dowd has been promoted to Senior Business Development Manager for the Weapons Segment operating out of Redmond, WA.

Prior to joining B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. in early 2015 Wayne had worked with Applied Marine Technologies (AMTI), Booz Allen Hamilton, and Wilcox Industries, where he has supported a variety of programs and projects including the Joint Sniper Defeat/Counter Sniper Handbook, the XM-25 Punisher Program, and the Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI).

Wayne is a 22 year veteran of the U.S. Navy where he served with SEAL Team 2 as lead sniper and regional survey team member. During this time Wayne planned and conducted special operations missions in various locations worldwide, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia, Albania, and Kuwait as well as supporting counter-narcotics operations with other government organizations.

“Wayne has a tremendous wealth of information and experience which has supported our business development efforts greatly since he joined the company”, said Matt Meyers, Director of Business Development. “Wayne has proven to be an invaluable member of the business development team as he continues to support BEM’s expanding role with our special operations customers”.

Wayne is also an extremely active cyclist and he has participated in the 3,000 mile “Race Across America (RAAM)” several times, where he won the RAAM Challenge Ohio in 2012.

Wayne can be contacted at [email protected].


Congrats to Wayne and to BE Meyers.  You guys are putting together quite the team.

BE Meyers Flash Hiders

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

There’s a lot of buzz about signature reduction, whether it’s multi-spectral camouflage for clothing and equipment or the noise and flash signature of small arms. To this end, BE Meyers has developed a family of flash hiders for 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, and .50 caliber weapons. Bruce Westcoat, VP Business Development related to SSD, “BE Meyers flash hiders save lives. It’s simple; if the enemy can’t see you shooting at night they have nothing to shoot back at. That’s especially important if you’re manning a .50 cal or other machine gun that immediately draws return fire from the enemy.”

While often emulated, and sometimes even copied, BE Meyers flash hiders remain the pinnacle of the offset-prong style of flash hider. These flash hiders have been used extensively by US and coalition forces for years, and are the preferred flash hiders for the US as well as other nations Special Operations units. During testing by the US Special Operations Command to select a flash hider for procurement by the Rapid Equipping Force, in support Force Protection efforts in Afghanistan, the BE Meyers 5.56 mm flash hider was judged to be the best performing flash hider available.

In fact, over the past four years the US military has fielded more than 10,000 5.56 mm units. The REF order was for 4,050 alone. They’ve also purchased an additional 5,500+ 7.62 mm flash hiders and over 3,000 flash hiders in .50.

Flash suppression on the modern battlefield is a critical force protection issue as it removes the most obvious aim point for enemy return fire. It makes US forces less visible and reduces accurate enemy return fire. Additionally, it prevents loss of night vision, eliminates flash distortion of night vision devices, and allows the shooter to stay engaged instead of having to seek cover in expectation of immediate return fire.

The photos above show side-by-side comparisons of the BE Meyers flash hiders compared to the standard “bird cage” devices on a 5.56 weapon. The difference is remarkable. Additionally, the video at the beginning of the article demonstrates the flash hiders’ performance on 5.56 and 7.62 small arms as well as on an M2 .50 machine gun contrasted with standard configuration weapons featuring no flash suppression device. In each case, the standard devices show clear flash signatures, even when fired in very short bursts. The BE Meyers flash hiders show no visible flash signature. Most impressively, the .50 flash hider is equally effective in single round, short burst, and long burst scenarios, quelling the large and distinct flame signature of the M2. Further, the .50 flash hider attaches without the use of tools and is self-tightening. BE Meyers also makes flash hiders in other sizes and thread types to facilitate many non-US weapons.

During our research for this article, we spoke with Jeff Bradbury, BE Meyers Marketing Executive. He told SSD, Our flash hiders have been the first choice by US and allied Special Operations forces for years. They demand the best performance and we’ve delivered.” Extensively tested by DoD, BE Meyers flash hiders are designed and made in the USA. The difference that they make in reducing the visual signature of small arms is nothing short of amazing. But remember, these are flash hiders and are not designed as compensators. They aren’t going to control your muzzle climb. It’s a common misconception so don’t have any unrealistic expectations. If there is any criticism of the technology it’s that it isn’t out there in greater numbers.

For more information on BE Meyers flash hiders visit www.bemeyers.com. For unit and agency orders contact www.ADSinc.com/be-meyers.

BE Meyers IZLID Aiming Lasers

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Used by every branch of the US military, the IZLID family of IR laser pointers and illuminators produced by BE Meyers. You’re probably quite familiar with their use by Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) but these IR lasers provide a single solution for weapons aiming, target illumination, and communicating intent with other fire elements on the ground as well as in the air. The video above showcases footage from Iraq along with training ranges in the Southwestern US to highlight the IZLID 200P and the IZLID Ultra and how they enhance accuracy at longer ranges for crew served weapons in low light and night conditions. It also demonstrates the use of the IZLID family of products on helicopters for both door guns and installed weapons, and how the lasers can be used to communicate and coordinate Air Ground Integration.

Standard equipment for SOF elements and all JTACs, the IZLID line of IR lasers provides a critical tool to support long range weapon aiming, delivers unparalleled illumination for night time reconnaissance and surveillance, and is the standard tool for coordinating close air support.


Many JTACs carry two different IZLID products, the 195 mW IZLID 200P for immediate coordination with helicopters, and the 1,000 mW IZLID Ultra or IZLID 1000 for communication and directing aviation assets at greater distances.


Rugged enough to be used for weapon aiming on the M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun and mini guns, but light enough to be mounted on individual weapons or used by hand, the IZLID 200P and IZLID Ultra are versatile, dependable, and powerful IR lasers “battle field proven and ready to deliver a tactical advantage today.”

IZLIDs are also being used by both military and law enforcement Reconnaissance and Surveillance elements to illuminate targets of interest. The beam can be opened up to a flood and used to paint and illuminate an item for an IR camera system ground based or airborne.

For more information on BE Meyers IZLID aiming lasers visit www.bemeyers.com/izlid_weapon_aiming.html or www.bemeyers.com/izlid_target_marking.html. For unit and agency orders contact www.ADSinc.com/be-meyers.

BE Meyers GLARE Devices in Action

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

We’ve covered BE Meyers line of GLARE devices in the past and even mentioned ways they are employed. Now, ADS and BE Meyers have teamed up to produce this video that gives you a great perspective on how the gear is used and what it looks like, not only from the user’s standpoint but from the target’s as well.

The video depicts the use of the GLARE MOUT Plus at a Traffic Control Point (TCP), and how use of this non-lethal laser enables the TCP to engage the vehicle at a safe distance and determine the intent of the approaching vehicle. Not only does it attract the attention of the target but it also helps conceal the locations and actions of the personnel manning the TCP from the target.

You may notice a couple of interesting facts concerning the decrease in checkpoint deaths in Iraq starting around 2005. The sources of this information are articles in the NY Times and the Wall street Journal. At this point you might consider the information dated, but it comes from the time when these lasers were first fielded and the results are astonishing when you consider going from seven deaths a week to just one, that is a big deal. BE Meyers has related to us that the one death a week cited was often shown to be hostile intent toward US forces and the Escalation Of Force lasers actually discovered the intent and allowed for earlier and decisive engagement.

The GLARE line of products are the only non-lethal EoF lasers certified for use by all US military branches. Additionally, the US Army recently selected them for their GLIS program.


Also shown in the video are the LA-9/P and the GLARE Enforcer. The LA-9/P is the primary non-lethal EoF laser used by the US Marine Corps and Navy, and the most powerful EoF laser available. It provides greater than 1,500 meters of stand-off range in daylight, 4,000 meters at night, and it is the only non-lethal military laser that incorporates a safety control module to secure the laser, should anyone enter into the eye hazard area.

Jeff Bradbury, Marketing Executive, BE Meyers told SSD, “Our GLARE LA-9/P and GLARE Enforcer are the only devices with integrated safety modules that automatically control the laser if targets are in danger of exceeding permissible laser exposure limits. This gives our military and law enforcement users a truly long-range non-lethal option, with stand-off distances up to and beyond 500 meters. That kind of power and safety provides an escalation of force capability to communicate with and engage targets on land or at sea across all operating scenarios.”


“The GLARE MOUT PLUS combines all of the positive attributes of the original GLARE MOUT device, and adds a training mode to further protect users, nearly doubles the power providing much greater standoff distance, and extends its environmental performance from -20° C to +50° C. The improvement in standoff distance is particularly valuable to the warfighters, providing a non-lethal escalation of force option that is effective at 500m in daylight, providing valuable time to make the right decision and take effective action,” said Bruce Westcoat, VP Business Development, BE Meyers.

GLARE Enforcer

BE Meyers continues to improve their products and expand their offerings. Additionally, they have not only improved the capabilities of our military but adapted the technology for use by law enforcement, providing safe, EoF capabilities. For example, the GLARE Enforce is the only non-lethal visual disruption laser FDA approved for law enforcement organizations. This green laser relies on Eye Safe technology which automatically adjusts the output power depending on the target distance, ensuring the delivery of maximum safe power at all times while maintaining the safety of all nearby personnel against accidental eye injury.

Agencies and units can procure BE Meyers GLARE devices through www.ADSinc.com/bemeyers.

BE Meyers Introduces 2 New DevicesADS Tactical

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Specializing in weapons accessories and illumination equipment, BE Meyers is constantly innovating and introducing new products. Here are two of their latest designs which will be well suited for Law Enforcement applications.

When you think BE Meyers you generally think military. But they have developed the new GLARE® Enforcer which is the only non-lethal visual disruption laser FDA approved for law enforcement organizations. This green laser relies on Eye Safe® technology which automatically adjusts the output power depending on the target distance, ensuring the delivery of maximum safe power at all times while maintaining the safety of all nearby personnel against accidental eye injury. It is effective beyond 2 km. Within 500m, it produces an overpowering visual effect that deters hostile action and dissuades further approach. The device produces a large target spot, making it easy to aim at moving objects and providing coverage of multiple individuals simultaneously.

The CIRIS® long-range infrared illuminator is so powerful it makes night mode cameras night vision capable. Despite its power (1,000 mW), the device is completely eye safe when used at distances greater than one meter. The CIRIS® is capable of illuminating subjects at distances over 600 meters.


Note: These products are regulated by ITAR.

BE Meyers & Company Inc Names Dr Gregory Quarles New Chief Executive Officer

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

B.E. Meyers & Company, Inc. has announced the appointment of Dr Gregory Quarles, currently President and Chief Operating Officer, as its new Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. Current CEO and founder Brad Meyers remains active in the company and will assume the new role of CEO Emeritus and will focus on technology adoption and new product development.

“During his 18 months as President and COO, Greg has shown great insight into the industry and demonstrated the unique capacity prepare B.E. Meyers for its next step forward. His successes to date, including the award of the U.S. Army Green Laser Interdiction System (GLIS), and deep experience in the electro-optics market make him highly suited to take over as CEO,” stated Brad Meyers.

Dr Quarles joined B.E. Meyers in May of 2010 after 18 years with II-VI Incorporated. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and holds dual BS in Math and Physics, and a Master’s of Science and Doctorate in Physics.

“It is both an honor and a challenge to have this opportunity to lead this great company,” said Dr Quarles. “B.E. Meyers is a company with tremendously skilled and committed employees, with a unique culture and with many strong and exciting products in its portfolio and I am truly looking forward to the task.”

BE Meyers should be familiar to SSD readers. Not only did they develop the Green Laser Interdiction System for US Army but also Flash Hiders. Additionally, if you’re in the JTAC business, you’ll be more than handy with the IZLID family of laser pointers, also provided by BE Meyers.