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BE Meyers Introduces 2 New DevicesADS Tactical

Specializing in weapons accessories and illumination equipment, BE Meyers is constantly innovating and introducing new products. Here are two of their latest designs which will be well suited for Law Enforcement applications.

When you think BE Meyers you generally think military. But they have developed the new GLARE® Enforcer which is the only non-lethal visual disruption laser FDA approved for law enforcement organizations. This green laser relies on Eye Safe® technology which automatically adjusts the output power depending on the target distance, ensuring the delivery of maximum safe power at all times while maintaining the safety of all nearby personnel against accidental eye injury. It is effective beyond 2 km. Within 500m, it produces an overpowering visual effect that deters hostile action and dissuades further approach. The device produces a large target spot, making it easy to aim at moving objects and providing coverage of multiple individuals simultaneously.

The CIRIS® long-range infrared illuminator is so powerful it makes night mode cameras night vision capable. Despite its power (1,000 mW), the device is completely eye safe when used at distances greater than one meter. The CIRIS® is capable of illuminating subjects at distances over 600 meters.

Note: These products are regulated by ITAR.

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