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BE Meyers & Co “MAWLR” LX570 Official Debut

Monday, November 5th, 2018

SEMA 2018 finished last week, wrapping up the first year of B.E. Meyers & Co.’s participation in one of the world’s premier auto shows. While SEMA may seem an unlikely place to find a laser manufacturer, B.E. Meyers & Co., who is known for innovative defense and aerospace solutions, had something truly unique to share with the automotive industry. The “MAWLR”, a Lexus LX570 that B.E. Meyers & Co. and Defconbrix transformed into the ultimate overland vehicle, was unveiled at SEMA in the Toyo Tires Treadpass. It is extremely rare to see an LX570 configured for off-road use, and none have a story quite like the MAWLR’s.

When Sean Jennings of Defconbrix picked up the Lexus LX570 from B.E. Meyers & Co. in Redmond, WA last February, it was a completely stock vehicle with a long way to go before it would become the MAWLR. The Lexus had belonged to the founder of B.E. Meyers & Co., the late Brad Meyers. To honor Brad’s adventurous spirit, and his legacy of ingenuity, Matt Meyers, CEO of B.E. Meyers & Co., decided to turn the LX570 into a project build with a unique vision. The MAWLR would parallel the qualities that make B.E. Meyers & Co. products successful, specifically the MAWL® (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser).


As a company that focuses primarily on laser systems for night operations, the B.E. Meyers & Co. team needed a vehicle that could navigate the rugged Pacific Northwest terrain in low-light, and no-light conditions. The MAWLR is purpose-built to transport equipment to remote destinations for product demonstrations, testing, and photo shoots.


The MAWLR is weapon ready, equipped with a TruckVault featuring designated space for rifle platforms, laser systems, and accessories. A large roof rack easily accommodates additional gear in travel cases.

Rugged and Dependable

Custom armor, all-terrain tires, and all-wheel-drive ensure the MAWLR can make it from point A to point B in the varying climates of the Pacific Northwest. The MAWLR can transition from Washington’s snowy mountain passes, to wet rainforests, and sandy deserts, all without breaking a sweat.

All the Photons

Whether demonstrating the latest laser technology, or shooting machine guns on a photo shoot, the B.E. Meyers & Co. team can often be found making magic happen during hours of complete darkness. Extensive aftermarket lighting on the front and rear of the MAWLR provide the lumens necessary to navigate to and from remote destinations at night.

B.E. Meyers & Co. and Defconbrix will be revealing the official build list once the project is officially completed.

The B.E. Meyers & Co. MAWLR build by Defconbrix can be followed on Instagram (@the.mawlr), and Facebook (@mawlr).


BE Meyers & Co “MAWLR” LX570 Build To Be Unveiled At SEMA 2018

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

In March of 2017 Brad Meyers, Founder of B.E. Meyers & Co., passed away after an amazing life.  He was an innovator, inventor, and was always looking to create something new and exciting. This Lexus LX570 was his daily driver, and he drove it to work every day with his dog Shadow always in the back seat. After his passing, Brad’s car sat in the B.E. Meyers & Co. warehouse for over a year, but it wasn’t ready to retire just yet.


In memory of Brad’s adventurous spirit, B.E. Meyers & Co. and Defconbrix are transforming his car into a purpose-built overland vehicle dubbed the “MAWLR” to travel with them as they showcase their Modular Advanced Weapon Laser, the MAWL®. You can follow the MAWLR build on Instagram (@the.mawlr) and Facebook (@mawlr).


The completed MAWLR build will be unveiled in the Toyo Tires Treadpass area at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Nevada October 30 – November 2, 2018.

BE Meyers & Co To Showcase Warfighter Solutions At NGAW Industry Day

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. will be participating at the Annual National Guard Association of Washington (NGAW) Industry Day on October 18, 2018. The event will be held at Camp Murray in Tacoma, WA from 0900-1400 in building 80, where B.E. Meyers & Co. will be showcasing their full line of laser and warfighter systems. Attendees are invited to visit the B.E. Meyers & Co. exhibit to see the MAWL® (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser) featuring their patented VCSEL technology; the GLARE® series of Ocular Interruption lasers for Hail and Warning; the IZLID® NIR and SWIR pointers and illuminators; and the BOARS®-M2 modular optic and accessory rail for the M2 series. They will also be displaying their full catalog of Flash Suppression Solutions.

To schedule a meeting with the B.E. Meyers & Co. Team at NGAW Industry Day, please contact info@bemeyers.com.

BE Meyers & Co Releases IZLID Ultra in 1064 nm and 1550 nm SWIR Variants

Monday, October 15th, 2018

October 15, 2018 (Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. has released two Class 4 IZLID® Ultra Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) laser Pointers and Illuminators in 1064 nm and 1550 nm. Featuring the highest power of B.E. Meyers & Co.’s SWIR IZLID® family, the IZLID® Ultra 1064 nm/1550 nm is a powerful beam with up to 1 Watt of out-of-band Pointing and Illumination capabilities, facilitating effective Air to Ground Integration marking and communication. While compatible with a variety of SWIR systems currently in use with Special Operations Forces (including E-COSI), the IZLID® Ultra SWIR variants are undetectable by most common Near Infrared (NIR) night vision devices.

The IZLID® Ultra NIR

The IZLID® Ultra SWIR variants can be used as handheld devices or rail-mounted on a weapon platform. These lasers retain the same rugged, dependable features of the IZLID® Ultra (NIR) that has become the standard JTAC tool for night Close Air Support, and Close Combat Attack scenarios. The beam size and intensity of the IZLID® Ultra family makes it easily distinguishable from other laser pointers on the battlefield.

SWIR IZLID® Ultra variant

B.E. Meyers & Co. will be showcasing all of its products at the Air National Guard Weapons and Tactics show (ANG WEPTAC) on October 16-17, 2018, at the Darley Defense Suite in the DoubleTree Hotel in Tuscon, AZ.

The IZLID® Ultra SWIR variants are compatible with E-COSI and other out-of-band SWIR viewers.

For more information about B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. and their products visit www.bemeyers.com.

US Marine Corps Uses the GLARE HELIOS For Subterranean Training Exercise

Monday, October 1st, 2018

U.S. Marines illuminate a tunnel with the high power yet EyeSafe® green laser ocular interruption capability from B.E. Meyers & Co. as part of a subterranean training exercise in the Nevada desert.


With the U.S. Military accelerating its efforts to effectively address subterranean threats, it has become increasingly apparent that new and innovative applications for existing technology are necessary to maintain dominance on the battlefield, both above and below ground. Recently, the USMC performed a subterranean training exercise in the Nevada desert and observed that the illumination capabilities of the B.E. Meyers & Co. GLARE®  HELIOS™ Hail and Warning device far outweighed those of their white lights in the long, dark tunnels.


The 250 mW GLARE® HELIOS™ is the class 1M variant of the GLARE RECOIL®, the official Hail and Warning laser currently in use by the USMC as part of the Ocular Interrupter System (OIS) program (JETDS identifier LA-22/U). The LA-22/U was originally procured for EOF scenarios, however, it’s long-range illumination capabilities, and patented SmartRange™ technology make it the ideal illumination and designation system for a variety of other applications as well. The GLARE® HELIOS™ boasts the same potent dazzling and illumination capabilities as the LA-22/U, and is the only Hail and Warning device authorized by the FDA for use with Federal Agencies.


Unlike white light illuminators, the divergence of the laser emitted by the GLARE® HELIOS™ is controlled by a motorized zoom and retains its illumination capabilities over extremely long distances. Compact white light systems that are currently available to soldiers are not sufficient for illuminating long stretches of pitch-black tunnel, and their low power keeps potential EOF scenarios within ranges that could pose a hazard to the operator.

Below is a GLARE® HELIOS™ compared against a weapon mounted white light illuminating a potential threat at over 100 yards. The extended standoff and illumination capabilities provided by the HELIOS™ are unmatched. With its patented EyeSafe® technology, and a divergence adjustment capable of 0.23° at its narrowest setting, the green beam is an ideal solution for any branch of military or law enforcement looking for compact, long-range illumination.

Pictured: Potential target is obscured at 100 yards with only white light illumination.

Pictured: Potential target is now illuminated at 100 yards with GLARE HELIOS™ laser.

The LA-22/U is available for procurement as NSN 5860-01-657-3893. It  is currently in production and being delivered by B.E. Meyers & Co., the sole source provider to MARCORSYSCOM for the $49M IDIQ Ocular Interruption System (OIS) program, contract number M67854-14-D-1040.

Tom Cruise Spotted With MAWL/GIGN

Monday, September 24th, 2018


Last July, while on a promotional tour through France for Mission Impossible: Fallout, Tom Cruise paid an unplanned visit to the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) in Versailles. These photos from the GIGN’s Twitter account showcase Cruise on the range with GIGN operatives, shooting various weapons from their arsenal, including their primary weapon, the CZ Bren 2 equipped with the B.E. Meyers & Co. Modular Advanced Weapon Laser – Direct Action (MAWL®-DA).


The MAWL®-DA is the most end –user centric high powered NIR/VIS aiming and illumination laser available for individual weapons. It was designed from the ground up to provide improved ergonomics, interface, and performance for night fighters across the globe. After rigorous testing, the GIGN selected the MAWL®-DA as the superior choice for formal procurement and deployment within the unit.


Known for missions including counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, surveillance of national threats, protection of government officials, and targeting organized crime, it makes sense that the Mission Impossible star would want to meet with the elite unit that helped inspire the action in Fallout, and try their gear firsthand.


BE Meyers & Co To Showcase The MAWL and More at AUSA 2018

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. will be showcasing its full line of Laser and Warfighter Systems at the Association of the United States Army’s 2018 Annual Meeting (AUSA) on October 8-10, 2018 in Washington, D.C. The company will be exhibiting at booth #3525 where show guests can see the MAWL® (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser), the GLARE® series of VIS lasers for Hail and Warning, the IZLID® IR and SWIR pointers and illuminators, and the BOARS®-M2 modular optic and accessory rail for the M2 series. They will also be displaying their full catalog of Flash Suppression Solutions.

To schedule a meeting with the B.E. Meyers & Co. Team at AUSA, please contact info@bemeyers.com.



Friday, June 22nd, 2018

BE Meyers & Co prepared this excellent dedication to America’s fledging Space Force. If you follow our Instagram feed, you’ll know why we love this.

BE Meyers & Co promises that anyone who can name all of the clips in this video will win two passes to the holodeck.