US Marine Corps Uses the GLARE HELIOS For Subterranean Training Exercise

U.S. Marines illuminate a tunnel with the high power yet EyeSafe® green laser ocular interruption capability from B.E. Meyers & Co. as part of a subterranean training exercise in the Nevada desert.


With the U.S. Military accelerating its efforts to effectively address subterranean threats, it has become increasingly apparent that new and innovative applications for existing technology are necessary to maintain dominance on the battlefield, both above and below ground. Recently, the USMC performed a subterranean training exercise in the Nevada desert and observed that the illumination capabilities of the B.E. Meyers & Co. GLARE®  HELIOS™ Hail and Warning device far outweighed those of their white lights in the long, dark tunnels.


The 250 mW GLARE® HELIOS™ is the class 1M variant of the GLARE RECOIL®, the official Hail and Warning laser currently in use by the USMC as part of the Ocular Interrupter System (OIS) program (JETDS identifier LA-22/U). The LA-22/U was originally procured for EOF scenarios, however, it’s long-range illumination capabilities, and patented SmartRange™ technology make it the ideal illumination and designation system for a variety of other applications as well. The GLARE® HELIOS™ boasts the same potent dazzling and illumination capabilities as the LA-22/U, and is the only Hail and Warning device authorized by the FDA for use with Federal Agencies.


Unlike white light illuminators, the divergence of the laser emitted by the GLARE® HELIOS™ is controlled by a motorized zoom and retains its illumination capabilities over extremely long distances. Compact white light systems that are currently available to soldiers are not sufficient for illuminating long stretches of pitch-black tunnel, and their low power keeps potential EOF scenarios within ranges that could pose a hazard to the operator.

Below is a GLARE® HELIOS™ compared against a weapon mounted white light illuminating a potential threat at over 100 yards. The extended standoff and illumination capabilities provided by the HELIOS™ are unmatched. With its patented EyeSafe® technology, and a divergence adjustment capable of 0.23° at its narrowest setting, the green beam is an ideal solution for any branch of military or law enforcement looking for compact, long-range illumination.

Pictured: Potential target is obscured at 100 yards with only white light illumination.

Pictured: Potential target is now illuminated at 100 yards with GLARE HELIOS™ laser.

The LA-22/U is available for procurement as NSN 5860-01-657-3893. It  is currently in production and being delivered by B.E. Meyers & Co., the sole source provider to MARCORSYSCOM for the $49M IDIQ Ocular Interruption System (OIS) program, contract number M67854-14-D-1040.


12 Responses to “US Marine Corps Uses the GLARE HELIOS For Subterranean Training Exercise”

  1. b_rawrd says:

    Wow that is bright AF

  2. James says:

    Reminds me of the Laser Genetics ND lights, good to see the concept being done with higher end gear.

  3. jon says:

    When I see technology like this, I wonder how it could have changed history if it was available say in the tunnel rat days of Vietnam. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in technology for the warfighter.

    • Hubb says:

      Agreed. Those Tunnel Rats in Vietnam had a 1911, a dim flashlight and a gargantuan pair of steel balls.

  4. SamHill says:

    Dudes, serious question: What might be some of the “subterranean threats” mentioned in this article?

    • AttackBlue1 says:

      MoleMen. ShrewPeople. Anyone with ill intent in a confined underground space or tunnel.

    • Geoff says:

      Cartel tunnels under the border?

    • James says:

      Recent threats have been IS tunnels in Syria and Iraq,and the caves in AFG. Potential future threats are Urban(Megacities).

    • SVGC says:

      Crab People dude. Tastes like crab, talk like people.

      • jon says:

        well, taking a page out of fallout- ghouls, giant mole rats, radioactive cockroaches, meth heads, mutants….

        The applications could be endless.

    • Hubb says:

      China and Iran park a lot of their mobile ballistic missile systems in complex underground tunnel systems. North Korea has a long history of using tunnel systems to infiltrate South Korea under the DMZ.

  5. Mike says:

    Will these be available to civilians?