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Stratagem Jumps on the A-TACS AU Camo Train

German manufacturer, STRATAGEM is now offering A-TACS AU Camo gear in their product line.

The DC (Dynamic Combat) Chestrig
As integral component of the Dynamic Combat Concepts (D.C.C.) the D.C. Chestrig also functions as well as a modular platform for the combined carrying method with the STRATAGEM LVAC Hybrid, MRAV Hybrid and other modular Vests.

The DC Chestrig features ultra-slim construction and a large zipper compartment grants access to the inner portion of the Chestrig for additional equipment storage or to function as a storage for the Shoulder and Hip Straps while worn in combination with the LVAC or the MRAV Hybrid.

Attachment points for the patent pending Quick Connect System (Q.C.S.) enable the user to quickly attach the DC Chestrig, to the LVAC Hybrid and MRAV Hybrid within seconds allowing greater functionality.

LVAC (Low Visible Armor Carrier) Hybrid
Designed for Less Weight and More Performance, it combines rigid, conventional and lightweight materials to create an incredibly lightweight product that is still sturdy enough to handle whatever gets thrown at it. The “Hybrid” part of the name refers to the combination of conventional and lightweight materials. Additionally, as part of the Dynamic Combat Concepts the LVAC can easily adapt to become a complete ballistic system. The internal plate pockets will hold ballistic plates up to size L (11″x13″).

HK417 Quick Draw Pouch
The pouch holds one HK417 magazine which is secured by Shock Cord, for fast access. They claim it is “Designed to grip, not to slip.”

For more information, or to inquire about ordering, visit them online at:

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5 Responses to “Stratagem Jumps on the A-TACS AU Camo Train”

  1. james says:

    who copied who. I know this one was displayed at shot show this year. pretty much the same thing

  2. Frank says:

    I saw the stratagem design on last years IWA ( March 2011 ) as they presented it to the audience.

    So it is one year old.

  3. Ground pounder says:

    Who copied who? Mayflower has been doing the same thing for 4 years.

  4. bob says:

    Soooooo…. Its essentially a OSOE / BDS Tactical Modular Frog / Tactical Stacker Modular Panel that has been adapted to hook up EXACTLY like the US Army Tactical Assault Panel? I wonder where they came up with that idea?