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New from Smith Optics Elite Division – Tactical Boogie Regulator

In this video provided by Smith Optics Elite Division, Director Rick Elder discusses the new Tactical Boogie Regulator developed initially for SOF. He discusses the various pluses and minuses of the ‘boogie’ skydiving goggle style and what Smith Optics did to mitigate fogging. The tactical regulator system is ambidextrous and the perfect size to balance venting of moisture and protection from wind and debris.

Introducing an additional, moveable vent opened up another issue; how to protect against secondary projectiles caused by lens strikes. Smith engineers introduced the safe fail system that ejects away from the face.

The Ignitor (seen above) is my favorite lens from Smith. It can be used in full or low light conditions and helps with definition. They also offer Clear and Gray lenses. All offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays as well as the all important US MIL-DTL-43511D goggle impact protection as well ANSI Z87.1 protection.

There are several strap options including the sweet Ops-Core Accessory Rail Connector compatible mounts.

Not convinced yet? How about this? They’re only $40.

Get yours very soon from


14 Responses to “New from Smith Optics Elite Division – Tactical Boogie Regulator”

  1. Orion307 says:

    We love these things.

  2. da hui says:

    Nice work boys… I want em!

  3. Hota Bay says:

    The glasses are great but that is 4 lbs of weight on top of that helmet. Please please, post pictures of what real operators furniture.

    • SSD says:

      Furniture? Is that an airsoft term?

      • mike says:

        If my customer base is any indication that IS what real operators “furniture”. Of course groups are different, individuals have preferences, and your mileage may vary.

        As for the pictures the Admin is using the picture from Smith Optics. I’m sure if you hang around the airsoft forums long enough you’ll see pictures of “real operators” wearing these and maybe with a helmet configuration more to your liking.

        • da hui says:

          From Smith’s FB page:

          “Helmet is OPS-Core” Ballistic FAST, helmet cover and battery pack pouch is a collaboration project betweem Orion Design Group and First Spear. The light is the S&S precision MAX mount witch is designed to integrate directly info the ARC rail, the IFF strobe is the Manta strobe also by S&S…”

          “Looks like a lot is going on here, but It’s really not that much. NVG w/ battery, strobe, IFF patch, helmet cover, eyepro, and a single head lamp. Nothing redundant or unnecessary”

  4. Ishootmorethensteelandpaper says:

    Best product of SHOT show.

  5. Winged warrior says:

    Kinda a knock off of the Revision exoshield…. Way to innovate.
    Are these USA made lenses?

    • ODG says:

      Is the exoshield regulated and can it stop a .22 cal @ 720 FPS?….I’m sorry what were you saying about innovation again??

  6. runner says:

    Smith makes great products. What up with their New Aegis Echos, the new super thin glasses you guys posted back around Christmas?

    You mentioned them around the SHOT show at TAG, and their prodeal site says availible in MAR? Any more precise date?

    Great site guys.

  7. Dalla says:

    hello in the pic where i find this straps

  8. manu says:

    I’m sure they will fog as hell. I got a similar one for skydiving and if you wear them on the ground, they fog instantly.