Garmont T4 Sale!

Garmont are some of the most comfortable and popular tactical boots out there and for a short time, the T4 is on sale from Extreme Outfitters with a price that is 30% off retail. Just use code “T430” at checkout.

The Garment T4 is a hiker design with nubuck/fabric uppers lined with Gore-tex. Available in Black or Tan.

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One Response to “Garmont T4 Sale!”

  1. chris says:

    weather is super crappy in HNL. Wearing the soft shell pants, eVent jacket and busted out the Garmont hiking boots. Whilst sitting in a meeting, I noticed that the rubber is doing that falling off in chunks thing. And then I remembered this posting and I was all excited. But then I found that S&H to my fair state is $35 USPS and $120 UPS! Hahahahaha…