Nike Flyknit Technology

Nike is introducing a new upper technology that resembles your grandmother’s crochet more than a running shoe. The ultralightweight Nike Flyknit combines yarns and fabric that are precisely engineered so that they only where they are needed. The result is a true minimalist shoe that is formfitting with a virtually seamless upper.

We’ve seen similar things done with clothing for years. It’s been done with for footwear with other materials as well such as leather. With the knitting, you can imagine how light it can be and yet maintain its strength.

Coming now from Nike.


3 Responses to “Nike Flyknit Technology”

  1. Brosideon says:

    I’ve tried various barefoot shoes (with caution) and I like the Inov8 f-lite brand the best personally. It provides the most cushion in the sole of the shoe will still being incredibly light. I’ll admit that this does look pretty interesting though.

  2. Stuart Neilson says:

    No doubt they’re great if they fit. My experience is the more your feet get away from the ‘norm’ the less that innovative shoes work for us. I have wide feet and my little toe is size 9 but my big toe is size 7. Were only talking millimeters but that makes a big difference if your shoes don’t fit. For these kind of shoes to work they have to fit and for many of us they don’t.

  3. Aaron says:

    This is also from the better world collection…so yes plastic bottles everyone…but still made in China. They’re minimalist in that they are super light…Inov-8 isn’t minimalist in the same sense as vibram…I’d only wear a barefoot shoe like that for one reason…swimming in a lake or river.

    Barefoot shoe=oxymoron. I don’t run barefoot but I know more than few that do…I don’t know how they do it. I would suggest start walking barefoot as I’ve done in the past.