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AN/PEQ-16A Mini-IPIM (MIPIM) Light Upgrade

SureFire is like an iceberg. You only get to see a little bit of what they are doing and they are always working on lots of cool stuff behind the scenes like these adapters for the AN/PEQ-16A Mini-IPIM (MIPIM).

They’ve developed two adapters. The first accepts a scout light head to the MIPIM giving you 200 lumens of illumination over the 100 lumen lamp that comes with the PEQ-16A.

The second adapter accepts the Vampire head which combines both white light (150 lumens) and IR (120 lumens) in a single piece. The user simply twists the lockout dial to choose the desired lamp.

As you can see, there are two variants of the Vampire light adapter. Variant 1 just accepts the light and Variant 2 features a small hole (that you can see in the photos) at the rear of the adapter to accept a SureFire remote tape switch. This will bypass the MIPIM’s controls and allow you to use the remote switch to control the light. One other advantage to adapting the Vampire head to the MIPIM is that you gain an eyesafe IR illuminator.

In the case of either style, the lights can still be controlled by the buttons on top or the MIPIM remote switch.

We know that SureFire follows SSD so if this is something you need, leave a comment here and they’ll see it.


7 Responses to “AN/PEQ-16A Mini-IPIM (MIPIM) Light Upgrade”

  1. Rickg says:

    That’s awesome! When and where will they available?

  2. 2Pjoe says:

    Will they please upgrade the peq15/16 series with a metal rail clamp? I’m tired of ours all breaking on jumps due to all the plastic.

    • Dale H says:


      You might want to check into getting the PEQ-15A (DBAL). They do have NSN numbers and have a vastly more robust throw lever. I know the Army contracted for a few of them and the USMC piggybacked onto it.

      • 2Pjoe says:

        We have 2 of 105 rifles carrying PEQ-15A’s right now, but I don’t see us converting over anytime soon, as we just got rid of the last of our PAQ-4s last month.

  3. ODG says:

    Glad to finally see some of my design work from 3 years ago starting to come to fruition, Im glad SF found the time to get something built that operators can use instead of wrist watch lights.

  4. Markg says:

    Nice to see this come available