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PRM-1 Pack Interior

We first saw the SpecOps.PL PRM-1 medical pack as part of an article on the BS-1 Combat Shirt but all we saw was the exterior. Here’s a shot of what;s going on inside.



6 Responses to “PRM-1 Pack Interior”

  1. Paul Weaver says:

    Any idea on availability for this item?

    I can’t find it on their website in a quick look of likely tags, and I don’t see anything indicating where or at what cost items are available.

    Of course, I don’t speak Polish …

  2. Tom S. says:

    Google Translate works for their webpage. I too am getting increasingly frustrated with bloggers that post “teasers” of products that draw interest – however no tangibly useful information is provided; cost, availability, spec (cubic inches of space), exterior dimensions, etc….

    Give all the information or simply state “coming soon with more info to follow”. I HATE teasers.

    • SSD says:

      We post as much as we get. These days, few companies will release photos of anything until it is ready for sale because it just upsets the market. Of course, as it usually goes, most of the folks who complain that they can’t get their oompaloopa fast enough aren’t going to buy the item anyway, they just like to complain.

  3. Mark says:


    At this stage we do not have a distributor in the US. The retail price is about 550,00$ US.

    We are currently selling tis item in Europe. Few hundred have been delivered to the Polish Army and SF units – so it is hardly a teaser.

    More of an update on what is going in our part of the world – any questions – drop me a line on: info@specops.pl



    • Alex says:

      I’m just going to assume that you mean $500.00 US, and the use of a comma instead of a period is a just a Europe/North America lost in translation typo.


  4. SSgt Fair says:

    I am a medic in the us army what are the chances of me being able to buy one