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New OTTE Gear Pinup Bottle


OTTE Gear has introduced another water bottle with Liberty Bottle Works and Bawidamann. This time they used Bawidamann’s popular “Dive Girl” pinup. Made in USA!, BPA free, food grade liner good for water, wine, beer, (carbonation not a problem) whisky up to 80 proof. This one is slightly smaller at 24 oz. The cost is $16 or are free with a $350 purchase.

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2 Responses to “New OTTE Gear Pinup Bottle”

  1. Orion307 says:

    I’m addicted to mine. Literally goes everywhere with me. Pretty BA camo its sittin on too. Thanks OTTE Gear

  2. Buckaroomedic says:

    I love Bawidamann’s art. I’ve got several of his t-shirts, patches, stickers, etc. Seriously looking at some of his knives now too.