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LBT and Medal of Honor Warfighter


Medal of Honor has announced LBT as the first of their partner companies that have been consulted to give MOH Warfighter a true air of authenticity. Also, while you’re checking it out, get your MOH patches from LBX. 100% of the proceeds go to the Navy SEAL Foundation, Tommy V Challenge and Special Operations Warrior Foundation.


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3 Responses to “LBT and Medal of Honor Warfighter”

  1. Matthew Keller says:

    Absolutely loved the last MOH game. I’ve followed the MOH franchise since MOH Underground was out for the PS1. Curious as to how to get the MOH patches. Not clear on what you mean by LBX. Great looking patches!

    • SSD says:

      LBT hasn’t properly introduced the brand yet. It’s where you’ll see some cooperations like MOH.

  2. Mobious says:

    “Navy Seal foundation, where millions in tax payer money just isn’t enough”