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Bawidamann – Gotham AIWB Holster For G43/TLR6

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Although he was trained as an artist, Andrew Bawidamann has become quite the holstersmith. He called me yesterday to tell me about a new version of his Gotham holster for the GLOCK 43 outfitted with a Streamlight TLR6.

-Right Hand/Left Hand
-Ultra concealable/comfortable. The compact single stack w/light is the next conceal carry “must have”
-Extended length holster for a more stable carry.
-Single Hook/double hook
-Wedge compatible
-Positive click retention
-Ohio made .08 Boltoron
-OEM Raven Concealment hardware

Hand made in the USA by Andrew Bawidamann

Available at

Bawidamann Design – Glock AIWB Holster

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

If you are looking for an IWB holster for a GLOCK with a SureFire X300/U, your search is over. Bawidamann Design has introduced a new IWB holster that not only fits most 9/.40 GLOCK models but will even accept a Roland Special build.

Designed to fit GLOCK 19/17/22/23/34 with surefire X300 and X300U weapon lights, it offers adjustable depth. It’s a one piece design with the seam on top of the slide so the bottom of the holster that touches your inner leg is rounded and smooth. As an artist, Bawidamnn inists on aesthetics as much as function so it also looks good.

These are hand made in Ohio from .09 Boltoron by Andrew Bawidamann himself, and incorporate the Raven Concealment Systems Claw and IWB hooks/soft loops in 1.5″ or 1.75″. Available for Right and Left handed shooters.

Bawidamann – Dive Girl Apparel

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Back by popular demand, Bawidamann is offering pre-orders for the SFOD-A/SF DIVESHOOL VERSION/ CIVI Version.

Years ago, Andrew Bawidamann drew an awesome depiction of a young lady in dive equipment. The image was adopted by many Special Forces Dive Teams for wear on team t-shirts.

About once a year, Bawidamann opens them back up for order.

He will leave this Pre-order open from 11/18/16 to 1/18/17. Whether you want just one for yourself of 15 for your team, here is your chance.

Once the pre-order window is closed he will run the whole Job. He needs a minimum order of 15 to get a customized ODA ### type set under the Dive Bubble. Make your Team order and put your ODA# in the ORDER NOTES.

For the rest of us non ODA/SF DUDES, you can get the DIVE GIRL /CALICO JACK SHIRT/HOODY. It is printed at the same time on the same press as the SF stuff and is just as badass.


Note: THIS WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL 2.7.17. So Pretty Please don’t expect this for Christmas.

Bawidamann Launches New Website

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

They just soft launched the New You will find the new site to be more “user friendly”, with more inventory, an upgraded shopping cart, and best of all they can finally accept debit/credit cards in addition to PayPal.

They are still loading it so you might find a few unfinished areas, but it is up and running. Check it out!

Bawidamann – Archangel Michael PVC Patches Are Back In Stock

Sunday, December 6th, 2015


PVC patch versions of Bawidamann’s Archangel Michael are in stock, so get ’em while you can.

Bawidamann Found a Stash of WW2 Marine Girl Prints

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015


This is the perfect day for artist Andrew Bawidamann to run across some copies of his WWII Marine Girl in 18 x 24.

Bawidamann – Ti Archangel Michael Pendants Available

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Last year, Andrew Bawidamann made a limited run of titanium pendants depicting his Archangel Michael symbol.  Naturally, they were gone immediately but he’s just done a new run so if you’re interested, you’d best jump on it now.


Available in Medium and Large sizes.

Bawidamann Dive Girl – Combat Diver Edition Pre-Order

Monday, August 3rd, 2015



This is for all of the ODA/SF Guys that keep hitting Andrew up for this shirt!

He tood us he will leave this Pre order open from 7/1/15 to 9/1/15. Whether you want just one for yourself of 15 for your team, here is your chance. Once the pre order window is closed, he will run the whole Job.

He needs at least an order of 20 to get a customized ODA #### type set under the Dive Bubble.