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Interested in Some Special Platatac Kit?

Platatac just posted a picture of a new rig on their Facebook wall. It’s a niche piece of kit but they’re wondering if anyone else would be interested in it. Go check it out, let ’em know what you think. Many people are unaware that the Australian company frequently builds small batches of specialized kit that never goes out on their commercial site. If they make just a few dozen it might cost as much as $400. If they manufacture over a hundred the price could be cut in half. Go check it out.


This article first appeared on TacticalFanboy.com.

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2 Responses to “Interested in Some Special Platatac Kit?”

  1. Darius137 says:

    I was just looking at their site the other day trying to find their old SAS vests.

    Good stuff. It’s a shame they don’t make it in DPM (or other patterns).

    Also note: the website is just .com, not .com.au