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Tentsile – A Unique Shelter from the UK

We love hammocks but let’s face it, they are kind of cramped. But not anymore, at least now that Tentsile is on the scene. The advantages are obvious; stay up, off of the ground and avoid pests, water, dangerous animals and other threats.

They offer shelters to accommodate groups ranging in size from 2 – 8 persons. Tentsile will work with you to build to your requirements but generally, the larger versions of these super hammocks follow a three-pointed design with individual sleeping areas radiating out from a communal porch.

Tentsile shelters aren’t for every environment but if the conditions are right, they sure do look like a lot of fun.

Hat tip – Gizmodo via Reaper Outdoors


3 Responses to “Tentsile – A Unique Shelter from the UK”

  1. Ipkiss says:

    I wonder if I would feel comfortable THAT high up and I really wonder about the sleeping comfort with multible inhabitants . The Hennessey Hammock served me very well. But, I must say it looks awesome.

  2. Ken says:

    No FAT chicks!

  3. Jueey says:

    This appears to be a product concept, also known as vaporware.