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Rab Launches Material Facts on Apparel and Sleeping Bags From This Autumn

Friday, July 21st, 2023

Your chance to find out transparent sustainability information and make an informed purchasing choice 

British outdoor brand Rab is clearing up the confusion many of us often feel when trying to understand sustainability jargon and logos on outdoor products. From September 2023, Material Facts will be available for all Rab apparel and sleeping bags, accessible online through scanning a QR code on the product hangtag. You will be able find out more detailed, easy-to-understand information on recycled content, fluorocarbon status and production information.

Rab doesn’t believe in hiding behind a ‘green logo’ or ‘eco-friendly’ label. A quick scan of the QR code on your smartphone will take you to a clear and accurate Material Facts sustainability data table. This information will enable you to make your own educated choice, before buying a Rab clothing or sleeping bag product.

Rab and Lowe Alpine’s parent company Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd., frustrated with a lack of clarity around sustainability criteria, created the pioneering Material Facts sustainability information tables to drive a focus on accuracy and transparency, as product director Tim Fish explains: “Communicating sustainability information is complex and means different things to different people, often leading to misleading claims and greenwashing. We’ve developed our non-branded Material Facts program to provide consumers with enough information to make their own educated purchasing decisions. The program leads the way by taking into account consumers’ and retailers’ demands for accurate and honest sustainability product claims.”

By the end of 2024, all Rab and Lowe Alpine packs, equipment and accessories will also include Material Facts tables, and more criteria will be added in the future.

Equip will continue to drive industry-wide engagement to constantly improve Material Facts and to jointly create an industry standard with other brands and industry stakeholders. This is a clear step forward in terms of aligned accurate, honest and transparent CSR communication.

More information about the current Material Facts program can be found here.

Unity Tactical Expands FAST Line with MRDS Mount and Improved Accessories

Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

New FAST™ MRDS and Updated FAST™ Modular Accessory Suite expand capabilities for shooters using micro red dot sights

BROUSSARD, LA. (July 18, 2023) – UNITY™ Tactical, a designer of components that integrate tactical systems and optimize the human factor, announced today the launch of its FAST™ MRDS mount, as well as additions to its FAST Modular Accessory Suite. These products all optimize the shooting experience and afford more configuration options when using micro red dot sights.

The FAST™ MRDS mount, in conjunction with any of the Optic Adapter Plates in the FAST™ Modular Accessory Suite, brings compatible micro red dot sights to the established FAST™ height of 2.26″ to the optical centerline.

The FAST™ Modular Accessory Suite, which has previously included four Optic Adapter Plates and an Offset Optic Base that mounts secondary optics at 36 degrees, now also boasts two additional Optic Adapter Plates for micro red dot sights with Holosun™ 509T, Holosun™ K and Shield™ RMSc footprints.

Updates to the FAST™ Modular Accessory Suite now also allow mounting in conjunction with an EOTech® when mounted on a FAST™ Optic Riser, which previous models did not.

An MRDS Top Ring for the FAST LPVO also joins the accessory suite, attaching any number of micro red dot sights directly to the top of the LPVO scope mount. When used with a FAST Optic Adapter Plate, the micro red dot will sit at the 12 o’clock position.

“We saw a gap for end users who want to mount micro red dots at the 12 o’clock position in combination with other optics, and we always aim to fill gaps when we see them,” said Mike Roth, VP of business development for UNITY Tactical. “The FAST MRDS and the FAST Modular Accessory Suite afford several configuration options, giving end users the flexibility and customization to mount primary and secondary optics in a variety of ways.”

FAST™ MRDS is available in black or FDE. It mounts directly to an M1913 rail and comes standard with a two cross bolt rail clamp, but is compatible for retrofit with a FAST™ QD Lever. It retails for $152.

The MRDS Top Ring for FAST LPVO is available in black or FDE and in 30mm or 34mm, and retails for $56. The FAST Offset Optic Base is available in black or FDE and retails for $69. All six FAST™ Optic Adapter Plates come in black and retail for $36.

Both the FAST MRDS and FAST Modular Accessory Suite offer a lifetime warranty, and are available for purchase now through authorized UNITY dealers and on

Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard Donates Patagonia to Environmental Trust

Thursday, September 15th, 2022

If you were scratching your head when Patagonia sold off its military contract sewing division named Forgeline Solutions earlier this year, then this latest move by founder Yvon Chouinard will help connect some dots.

Billionaire Chouinard has given up the whole kit and caboodle, announcing that Patagonia is restructuring and will be managed by two new entities. The first is Patagonia Purpose Trust, which will own all of Patagonia’s voting stock. The second is Holdfast Collective, a nonprofit which oversees Patagonia’s environmental activism. 100% of any profit not reinvested in the business will be turned over to Holdfast Collective, a sum expected to exceed $100 million annually. Holdfast Collective is a 501(c)(4) charity which is allowed to make donations to political causes.

In an online post entitled, “Earth is now our only sharholder” Chouinard spells out his reasoning.

As much as things are changing, much will also remain the same. Patagonia will remain in Ventura, California, CEO Ryan Gellert gets to keep his job and the Chouinard family will remain on the board as well as heavily involved in the charity. In fact, Chouinard along his wife Malinda, and two children, Claire and Fletche had to donate their company shares to Patagonia Purpose Trust.

Something very interesting was pointed out to me about this move. As much as Chouinard has heralded left wing causes over the years, he never offered an employee stock option. If he had, this whole thing would have been impossible.

Photo by Tom Frost

RVCA x Helinox

Wednesday, July 13th, 2022

Helinox has teamed up with RCVA to introduce a limited run of camp furniture featuring artists Ben Horton and Kelsey Brookes from the RVCA Artist Network Program.

Personally, I like Horton’s fish motif, but Horton’s background in biology really shows through.

Learn more at

Mystery Ranch x Dior Collaboration

Thursday, July 7th, 2022

During the recent launch of Dior’s summer 2023 men’s collection, photos of a collaboration with Mystery Ranch, something that MR co-founder Dana Gleason refers to as “Special Projects.” In fact, when I spoke with Dana during last month’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market he told me he was heading to Paris for a product launch.

This photo from Hypebeast shows the alligator material on some of the designs.

ORCA Coolers and Drinkware Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Refreshed Drinkware Collection

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

Just in time for summer, ORCA announces two new drinkware styles that promise to “Make it Last”

NASHVILLE, TN (April 20, 2022) — ORCA Coolers & Drinkware, the U.S. based manufacturer of coolers and outdoor drinkware, celebrates 10 years of keeping your refreshments cool with four new drinkware styles and a new and improved rebranding, including an updated logo and slogan – “Make it Last.” The new travel mugs include the Camper and Traveler.

The new drinkware launches just in time for summer and all the adventures in store – camping, trips to the lake, fishing, road trips, picnics and more. Whatever you have planned this summer, ORCA promises to “make it last.” The stainless steel, double walled and vacuum sealed drinkware keeps your beverages cold for up to 24 hours and piping hot for up to eight hours. Additional features include:

? Copper-clad interior lining for superior temperature retention

? BPA free no-spill lid with signature ORCA tail opening for drinking

? Powder coat finish in nine colorways for a customized design

? Top shelf dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

The higher capacity Traveler is 24 ounces and includes an ergonomically designed handle for on-the-go adventures. The slightly smaller, but equally sturdy, Camper is 16 ounces and the perfect size for sitting around the campfire. Similar to the Traveler, the Camper has an ergonomically designed handle for easy drinking.

The new drinkware collection will be available April 2022 at select retailers and To learn more about ORCA and its full collection of best-selling coolers and drinkware, visit

AUSA Cancels 2022 Global Force Symposium

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

 The Association of the U.S. Army has decided for health and safety reasons and Defense Department travel limitations to cancel the 2022 Global Force Symposium and Exposition that was to be held at the end of March in Huntsville, Alabama.

“The continued spread of COVID-19 in the United States makes it impossible for AUSA to hold an in-person event that we are certain doesn’t pose a risk to attendees,” said retired Gen. Bob Brown, AUSA president and CEO. “We don’t like making this decision but know it is the right one for the Army, industry and members of the public who were planning to attend.”

He added, “We really wanted to have this important event focused on Army transformation and sustainment, but we don’t want to do this at any risk.”

AUSA is planning a March 2023 event in Huntsville.

Clif Bar & Company Launches Trailblazers Incubator and Introduces CLIF Pet

Sunday, January 2nd, 2022

EMERYVILLE, Calif. – Dec. 13, 2021 – Today, Clif Bar & Company announced the launch of the Trailblazers Incubator, an in-house new ventures group built to deliver disruptive innovation and create sustainable business opportunities. Based in Clif Bar’s Emeryville, CA headquarters, the Trailblazers team of “intrapreneurs” is applying an agile start-up mindset to driving new growth strategies for Clif Bar. This includes expanding into new categories that align with the company’s Five Aspirations business model.

Overseen by Chief Innovation Officer, Rizal Hamdallah, and led by Incubator Senior Director, Greg Lok, the Trailblazers first venture is CLIF PetTM, with the introduction of plant-based pet snacks. Slated for national launch in early 2022, CLIF Pet will start with three flavors of snacks for dogs with plans to build out the Pet portfolio in the near term.

“Just as Clif Bar was founded on disrupting the energy bar category nearly 30 years ago, the Trailblazers Incubator is built to consistently deliver our bold innovation agenda and accelerate our growth plan,” said Hamdallah. “In addition to a rapid, data-driven product development and go-to-market strategy, what makes our approach different is extending the loyalty of the CLIF® brand. By introducing CLIF Pet, we will bring energy to the whole family.”

Clif Bar has set a bold goal to multiply its positive impact on the world by doubling the size of the company. The decision to enter the pet snacking category is supported by the dramatic increase in pet ownership coupled with the emerging demand for human-grade pet food1. Today, as pets are considered part of the family more than ever before, the category represents a significant growth opportunity for Clif Bar.

“With more than 11 million U.S. households bringing a pet home during the last 18 months of COVID, the category is exploding and ripe for new offerings2,” said Lok. “What makes this launch unique is the combination of speed and discipline to bring an innovative, relevant product to market during a global pandemic. We are truly blazing new trails by applying best practices from tech start-ups to our expertise in consumer insights and packaged goods – it’s a winning combination.”